Vintage Pooh Bear?

by Lauren
(saint clair shores, MI, united states)

Vintage Winnie the pooh

Vintage Winnie the pooh

Does anyone know anything about this bear?

I found him in my Grandmothers basement. I believe it belonged to my father so I am assuming it is from the 60's-70s

He has a very short muzzle

The nose looks like a piece of black material, maybe felt. It looks to be glued on

The eyes are flat plastic, and black

The bear is soft. He is very floppy actually. Feels like he is filled with beans but he is quite heavy

The beat is 9 inches from head to rump. 11 inches from head to feet

I don't see any distinguishing features other than a bump in his belly region but I think it is just from the way he was sewn. He also has a VERY thick seam down his back. He is the classic pooh bear color, a dark yellow. His material almost feels like felt but with slightly longer fibres

To be honest I really have No idea as to the bears back story. I found him in an old box of my fathers, and aunts toys from when they were children. I assume he is an old pooh bear because of his colouring and the fact that most of my father's bear were winnie the pooh. One thing I noticed was that the thread he was sewn with is more like fishing line than thread. It's plastic as opposed to cotton.


Yes he does have the look of a teddy from the 60's era. Similar to Wendy Barton bears I would say. Perhaps made by the Joy company.

Does nay one else have any ideas?

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Oct 05, 2017
Maybe Animal Fair or Princess Soft Toys
by: Anonymous

Animal Fair and Princess Soft Toys DID make some Pooh plush. The only one I can recall I believe is a Hand Puppet however if you google Animal Fair plush toys you will see those black smooth button eyes are very common in many of their plush. It is an idea where you might find similar bears and plush.

Apr 01, 2015
Pooh by Gund
by: Anonymous

i strongly believe this is a Pooh Bear by Gund. I had one that was given to me back in 1970 by my father. He was a beloved friend throught my childhood and beyond. Pooh went everywhere with me, even on my honnymoon! In my early twenty's I lost my cousin in a motorcycle accident and I could not let him rest alone so I placed my pooh with him . Seeing a glimps of a bear I hold so dear to my heart has been a joy! Thank you

Mar 09, 2014
I think it's Pooh
by: Gogo

This looks exactly like the Pooh Bear my son received when he was born in 1974, including the "thread" you describe. His had a music box in it that could be wound up and it played the Winnie the Pooh song. The bear originally had a little red jacket. It was a stiff fabric with the outer side finished with something like flocking. Kind of felt like, but not exactly. Our jacket is long gone also, but my grandson now has the Pooh Bear. My son's bear was about 10" or so tall but his legs remained in seated position.

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