White Bear with no tag

by Benji
(Sacramento, CA, USA)




He's a 14" bear, white, artificial plush, with no tag. Acrylic brown eyes. Stitched nose and mouth, which appears to be connected as one continuous thread. No pads on the hands or feet, with rounded ends on the limbs. Seams come all the way around the ends of the limbs, but are well hidden. He has no joints or frame. He has a larger than usual head with a 2" long, maybe 3" diameter snout. He has rounded ears that stand up. He looks like he's been modeled after a baby polar bear and may have initially been wearing a sweater with a Christmas tree on it. I've had him since I was little, for about 25 years, and don't have the sweater anymore. I've been curious to this little guy's origins and have not been able to find a bear that looks remotely like him.

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