Who is my bear?

by Lizzie B.

Who is my bear

Who is my bear

I have recently purchased this bear on eBay.

He has a long muzzle made from three distinct pieces of cloth and is shaved.

His nose is a horizontal triangle - stitched - may not be original.

His eyes are plastic ? Also not sure if they are original or not.

He is hard to the touch so I assume he is stuffed with wood wool with some areas replaced.

He is approx 20 inches tall

He has a made in Germany label - cream cotton material printed in black. Which is placed low on the back of his head in seam.

I don't know much about his but the seller suggested English but had not mentioned label which is hidden in pale golden plush. Plush is faded, dirty and shedding. Pads all replaced and ears re located - not recent changes. Wears a knitted cardigan with tiny bear in pocket - recent additions I believe.

Comment from Kate
A picture of the label may help as sometimes this can help to identify the maker. The fact that you know it is German will help to narrow down the search.

The picture is also rather small and so it is hard to really see him in detail. But perhaps someone else will have an idea. His feet paws look very round which some of the Schuco German bears had.

I assume he is fully jointed. The fact he has plastic eyes could suggest that he has either had them replaced or is a later bear.

I have had a look through my books and can't really ID him. Hopefully someone else may recognise him.

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