White Plush Bear Family

by Bruce
(Columbia, Missouri, U.S.A.)

white teddy bears

white teddy bears

Requesting your kind assistance with identifying this family of three white bears that I inherited from my mother. They have neither markings nor tags. I'm reasonably certain they are of synthetic materials. The two adult bears measure approx. 11” tall (seated); and the little guy measures approx. 7” tall (seated). White and fluffy (light beige ears, nose and foot pads). They are firm with strong stitching. No stains, holes or wear -- they are in excellent condition because my mother protected them from heat, light, and harmful humidity.

Mom kept meticulous records of all of her dolls as they were insured. The detailed information also was instrumental in the sale at international auctions of her outstanding, 50-year collection of fine antique French and German dolls, doll houses, and doll furniture -- none of which were newer than 1910, or so. Many of her dolls and doll houses attracted winning bids from museums. Her collection also included plush bears (mostly by Steiff), and including a number of the original “Teddy Roosevelt) bears. I provide this background information to illustrate the fact that she only had interest in the highest- quality dolls and accessories. She never purchased what she called “modern dolls and toys”, generally those from post-World War II (and she bought only a few from post-World War I).
And then, I find these bears gently protected and stored along with what valuable dolls and bears and accessories remained in her collection when she died. I’ve been unable to locate any descriptive information she might have recorded about the bears. I’m in a position of knowing nothing about the bears except that they were in her collection since about the 1970s. Yet, I have to suspect they are collectible and possibly valuable due to my mother’s interest in them and her meticulous care for their storage. Furthermore, I’m frustrated that I’ve never found a match of these bears anywhere on the Internet. The closest I’ve seen are the 1980s plush Polar Bears manufactured for Isaly's, the U.S. dairy company famous for creating the Klondike Ice Cream Bar. The Klondike promotional bears are close, but they’re not a match.
I would very much appreciate those who can provide any details or suggestions to help identify my bears. Thank you, Bruce

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