Growly Ted

by Sharon

Growly ted

Growly ted

This is my childhood bear ‘Growly Ted’, so he is at least 50 years old.

I always remember that he came with two other bears who belonged to my brother, they were called Tickle Teddy and Blue Ted. They moved to Thailand with my brother many years ago, so I hope Growly Ted doesn't miss them too much. Luckily I own many other teddy bears to keep him company.

Growly Ted Features
• Medium sized, Slight peachy colour
• jointed
• Elongated body, with legs shorter than body
• Short arms (no claws)
• Muzzle not shaved
• Replacement stitched-on nose
• Black and amber medium sized plastic eyes
• Shallow, flat, wide ears
• Did have a growler but not working
• Synthetic leather paw pads

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