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A and L Novelty C Teddy Bear

I found this old looking bear.i dont know much about it at all except I see that it says A and L novelty company. But as i look around i do not see anything

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Daisy Bear Much Loved Well Travelled Bear

We have lost Daisy Bear somewhere in the Conwy/Penmaenmawr/Llandudno area of North Wales during the May half-term. I would like to try and replace her

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17" high quality vintage bear in very good condition

Hello! My bear is 17 with articulated arms, legs and head. His eyes are glass, and his ose is rubber and stitched on in four places. His pads are a

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Salvation Teddy

Hi, First I would like to say I dont know much about vintage teddies. My Dad recieved this teddy bear from the salvation army when he was only 1years

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12.5" Mohair Posable Teddy Bear

My bear is 12.5 long and is posable and made from a lovely golden mohair. He has glass eyes and is filled with straw. Unfortunately some of his stitching

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Help identifying my 1938 Teddy Bear

Hello, My bear has no markings so I'm unable to identify the maker, He was given at birth by my parents to me in 1938. The Bears name is Barwees given

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Hermann Bear - 9 joints

I am from Holland and do have a question about my “new” bear; I know the brand of the bear ( HERMANN – with label and hanging button), it is a Hermann

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Please Help Me Identify My Beautiful Bears

I have recently been given these bears. I was not told very much about them other then they are old vintage bears. Sadly there are no tags on either bear.

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Gave A Teddy Bear A Home - Who Is He?

I found him in a local antique shop needing a home. Owner said he came with the sweater and she had purchased a lot of vintage things. He is NOT jointed

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Childhood Bear Falling To Pieces

I'll start off by saying that I know my bear isn't particularly old or anything, and he's really falling to pieces, but still, I'd like to find out what

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Sad Teddy left at the OP Shop

Hello to all the Teddy enthusiasts out there! We recently found this sad mohair teddy all alone on the to shelf at a local Op Shop. He is a fully articulated

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Teddy Bear Found In Flea Market

I found this teddy bear at the flea market and I can't find another one like it or even similar elsewhere . The bear is real fur I tested it to make sure

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Teddy From Grandma

My Grandma gave me this teddy bear in the early to mid 70's. I don't remember her saying it was my dad's teddy bear or not. If it was, my dad was born

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Once Orange Fluffy Old Teddy Bear

HI everyone, I don’t know if you can help me with this. “Bear” was my mothers bear and I am trying to find out how old she is. My Mother was born in

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Mary Meyer Souvenir Bears

The bears in the first picture were all produced by the Mary Meyer company. I'm assuming they were originally sold to tourists as vacation souvenirs by

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