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Looking to identify this bear for my Mom's Xmas present

The bear in these photos is from around the late 1950's. That's my mom in the photos and she was born 1957. I cant tell what color is it because it's

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My Prince Charming - 30" Antique Bear

I have always loved antique bears, always have, always will. They have so much character in them. Many years ago, I purchased a 30 antique bear from a

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Antique Teddy bear

It has a realistic bear pelt like feel its super silky and soft with a almost microfiber feel. It has a aged sort of leather patch on each foot with a

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1970 Tebro Teddy

My teddy was bought for me in 1973 in the UK as a Christmas present from my Dad. As my Mum and Dad had recently divorced my bear 'Lucky' went everywhere

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Schuco Bear - Compact Bear or Not?

Hello! Thank in advance for opinions. I have a Schuco bear. He is 3.5 tall, mohair, jointed - looks just like the perfume and compact bears. When I

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Bear from long time ago

This bear was given to me when I was really little, neither my aunt nor grandma remember particularly where he was bought. He has a tan material that i

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Bear In The Box

I have a old Teddy Bear that that has been in my family for several generations...I almost forgot I had it when I ran across it again just a few days ago....It

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Lost Bear. Devastated 5 year old

My son is 5 years old. He has been so attached to this bear since he found him at my grandfathers house. (He passed away almost 2 years ago) My son absolutely

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Small Teddy Bear Who Made Him

I have this little teddy bear, he’s about four inches tall. I’ve had him for a long time, he doesn’t have any tags so I can’t find anything and it’s really

Continue reading "Small Teddy Bear Who Made Him"

Grandma's Teddy

Hello, This is my grandma's old teddy bear, I would guess from sometime in the 1930's. His hair is short and has glass (I think?) eyes, and a mouth that

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18 Year Old Bear Or Is It A Dog?

I received my best friend, Bear, when I was six months old. He apparently came with a book. When I was two I decided permanent marker was great and my

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Old Red... been in the wars but STILL PLAYS A TUNE

Recently found this Old fella, red and gold mohair. Hes certainly been around for a long time. Lost an eye or maybe two. Still has one little beady thing

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Beloved Teddy Bear Stolen - GIMO

In 2006 we purchased this bear in San Gimagnano, Italy for my daughter. This sweet little fellow became a part of our family and has traveled the world

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Old Chad Valley Teddy Bear

I have this cute little teddy, he is about 9cm (3 inches) tall. He has glass eyes, black pupil and orange(amber) outer. His nose and lips look hand stitched.

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Straight from Germany in 1980

Starting at the begining of the story, that includes all the parts my father loves to tell...My father was in the U.S. Army and stationed in Germany during

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