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Brothers Bear

My grandfather gave this bear to my brother on his first Christmas - Dec. 25, 1947 (In Oregon). He is jointed & his head rotates. He is all original

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Mr. Ted

Hi. When I was about 6 years old my Mom and Dad got divorced and I was devastated. We lived in Harare, Zimbabwe (which was then known as Salisbury, Rhodesia).

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Autistic Boy Loses Best Friend a.k.a. Mr. Teddybones

Hello, My 13 year old son had a very traumatic experience yesterday. One minute he was singing to VeggieTales in my backseat, bouncing his little teddy

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White Teddy Bear From Austria Can You Help Identify This Bear?

Hi, This is my childhood bear. It was purchased in Austria in 1958 or 59. I Think the eyes are glass (I have the missing eye). The arms and legs are not

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Old or Gold Teddy Bear?

My bear looks like a pretty standard brown teddy bear except for the little red suit with frills on the ends of the hands and feet. Its right eye has a

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I Came Home With My Teddy Bear From Hospital

I believe I got this bear in 1984. I have no idea who made him. I've had him since before I can remember anything. The photo is me, in 1986, holding him.

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I want to know if my where my bears come from

I have two bears, one is pink and one is purple. I don't know how old they are but I've had them since I was a baby. They have fur made with string? The

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Purple Teddy Bear

We the bear is purple or maroon in colour it is about 2 feet from ear to toe it has felt pads on feet and hands it's filed with straw padding and has disc

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Childhood Teddy

I got this bear in the early 2000s from the nursery at my church when I lived in NJ. He is tan in color with a lighter tan muzzle of a similar material

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Scottish Rescue Bear

Our rescent rescue of jock as been quite intriguing as to his age and origin. He appears to be very old, made from mohair (very sparse), I think he has

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17" mohair growler teddy bear

I have a Vintage 17 cream in color possibly originally white mohair growler teddy bear. With black button eyes, roundish ears, appears to have floss nose

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Swedish Bear?

I live in Sweden. I found my bear in my grandmothers closet when I was a girl. She said it once belonged to my uncle, who was born in 1920. My bear is

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Long Lost Bear

Unfortunately, this is the only picture of Bear that we have. This bear was bought by my dad for my niece around 1998, 1999. He bought it in a toy store

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My Teddy Bear From Too Long Ago

My Teddy is about 8 tall. He is a light tan or beige. His snout paws, and feet are a darker tan and seem to be a slightly different material. It crackles

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Please help me identify this bear for my son!

My son found this bear at his great great grandma's house in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in 2015. She did not know where it came from but let him bring it

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