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Straight from Germany in 1980

Starting at the begining of the story, that includes all the parts my father loves to tell...My father was in the U.S. Army and stationed in Germany during

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Favorite Mystery Bear

I've had this bear for about eighteen years. I love her to pieces, but to this day I have no idea what kind of bear she is. She has no tags or writing

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Teddy Bear Belonged To My Mum...

My mum was born in 1946 in South Australia. All that I really know is that this bear was very precious to her - when my brother and I were growing up

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Mystery Panda Bear

We have acquired a toy panda teddy. Teddy is 10 inches from ears to paws, thin, about 3.5 inches wide. Rear paws have red felt pads surrounded by brown

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Please Help!! Can't Find A Thing About Mom's Bear!

Hi I inherited a long lanky Teddy Bear from my mom's collection of glass cased memorabilia she collected. I know she didn't collect pieces for value, she

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Old Grand-Dad Bear

Hello, I have a bear that looks very old. He is sitting on what appears to be a log with a chipmunk on one side and two bunnies on the other side of the

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Hello, I have just submitted my blue bear today on the Identification Page, but after seeing that people are interested in pictures of old blue bears

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Possibly 1920's Teddy Bear?

Could anyone please help in identifying this bear? He has been passed through the family, possibly of German origin. It has been handed down through generations.

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Old Tan Teddy Bear

The bear is tan in color with a pink hue and the hair is wavy. Its hands and feet are tan. The head is stuffed with something hard but the body’s stuffing

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Are These Two Bears Steiff ?

Hello I have had these twin bears For years I got them at an estate sale for $10.The lady said steiff And handed them to my kids they Dont have buttons

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A bear that survived Nazi Germany

I believe this bear is a Steiff. I believe this bear to be from the 1940 era. This bear was used to smuggle gold coin out of Germany. It spent most of

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36yr old teddy from birth

Hi there ive had my bear since i was 1 day old and its really the only thing i have from then i was wondering who it was made by as it has lasted so well,

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Can Anyone Help Identifying Our Panda Which Was Stolen

Can anyone help identify the panda shown in the attached photo. He was about 15 inches tall and was bought by my mother in England, probably either in

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Small Teddy Bear Of Unknown Origin

A family present, this teddy bear can fit in the palm of most people. While unsure of its filling, it is on the firm side without being stiff. He originally

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My 1980's Teddy

I received this bear as a birthday present in 1987. I live in Texas and at that time was living in Big Spring, Texas. Recently, my daughter left him on

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