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Teddy From Grandma

My Grandma gave me this teddy bear in the early to mid 70's. I don't remember her saying it was my dad's teddy bear or not. If it was, my dad was born

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Once Orange Fluffy Old Teddy Bear

HI everyone, I don’t know if you can help me with this. “Bear” was my mothers bear and I am trying to find out how old she is. My Mother was born in

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Mary Meyer Souvenir Bears

The bears in the first picture were all produced by the Mary Meyer company. I'm assuming they were originally sold to tourists as vacation souvenirs by

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Identity Of This Unusual Bear

Can anybody identify this unusual bear? I bought him about twenty years ago at a boot sale in Lincoln and was told by the seller that he was an old bear.

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Pre WW1 Teddy Bear

Hello My name is Don and I have a Teddy Bear in my possession that has been in my family for well before I was born, in fact before my father was born

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Teddy Bear From Bosnia

My name is Alen and I am from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I bought this teddy bear on local Sunday flea market Teddy Bear has brown lips. On touch

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The Velveteen Bean Bear Company

I have two The Velveteen Bean Bear company bears I got when living in the UK in the 70's or 80's (sorry lived there on two occasions). One is a policeman

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Another Mystery Bear...

I recently purchased this fellow on eBay. He was listed as having 'no identifying marks or tags'. The seller also wasn't sure if he is mohair or synthetic.

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Celebrating My Teddy Bear's 84th Birthday.

I was given him on the day of my Birth in 1933. We have been through a lot together since then. He was my comfort during the terrible WW2 bombings in

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Old Teddy Desperately Seeking An Identity

Hello! I recently rescued this fun loving guy from a thrift store and would love to know more about him! I cannot tell you his story or history and I don't

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Patriotic Teddy Bear

I have what I believe is a very special Red White Blue Teddy Bear. I have not an expert in bears, but I can tell you the following. It length is 22.

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Trying to identify this very old teddy bear

Help? This bear belonged to my mother-in-law's mother in the early 1900's. He is very heavy, hard, and crunchy. He's about 24 inches tall and is stuffed

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Very loved bear

I found this beautiful bear in my loft when I moved into my first property 26 years ago. He has glass eyes, is stuffed with wood wool, he has fully movable

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Deans Bear

The bears tag states it is from jenners by dean's. It seems the bears name is weaverly and it is a limited edition mohair bear number 65 of 200 made. It

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Teddy Bear In Search Of Any Information

I received the bear from a friend who inherited the bear and many other items from a family member that adopted a little Russian girl in the 1920's. The

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