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Is This A Steiff Bear?

My dad found this teddy bear about 10 years ago in a second hand store outside of Philadelphia PA. He knew it was worth more than the 50 cents he paid.

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Traveling Teddy Bear

Hello there, my name is Adrian Ludwig Gardner and I was rescued off ebay some years back by Jess, my owner.Since I've been living with Jess,I've developed

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Grandmas 'Edward' needs your help

This bar was my grandmas and christened Edward and I remember being told not to play with him when I was a child in 1970s. There are gaps in his profile

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Heidi Steiner 24" Bear With Hump, Growler, Red Paw Pads

Hello, I was recently shopping at a Goodwill Store in Lawrence, Kansas and the workers brought out a cart with recently donated items. I spotted this

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Sundress Teddy Bear With Pink Bows On Ears

My bear has hand stitched parts and hand sewn dress. Bear is approximately 12” tall with jointed arms, legs and head. She is a light tan color. The fur

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Retired 22" inch GUND Bear "Garnet"

Hello all, I need all the help I can get and any information you might be able to provide about my GUND bear I have searched and searched and searched

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Inherited Teddy

This bear is eighteen inches tall. Each arm and each leg is six and one-half inches long. Its head is round and is six inches at the widest. Its oval

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Ruddy from Budapest

Hi I purchased this much loved old teddy bear in an antique shop in Budapest. I named him Ruddy after the character in Markus Zusak’s book the “Book Thief”.

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Mystery Bear from Somewhere!

Don't know much about this Bear's history: He is travelling without papers! ...Seeking permanent sanctuary! It appears that there MAY have been a tag

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Threadbare Ted and Battered Dog Toys

I was given these 2 bears when I was about 10 days old, having flown from Bahrain to UK to meet my grandparents. These teddy bears were given to me by

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Mystery Teddy Bear

Purchased as a gift recently,would like to try and find out a bit more about him before I gift him.He is 22cm tall made of mohair that looks like it has

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Teddy Bear With A Middle Seam and Growler

im sorry i dont really know much about this bear it just cried out to me in a second handshop. The head seems to be straw filled as do the body as its

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Curious About A Bear!

I have a rather gorgeous (well I think so!) bear that is puzzling me a lot...Help!! -Overall height:43cm, sitting height:34cm, Leg length: 20cm, Foot

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Rosie The Old Grey Teddy Bear

I found Rosie (named by my granddaughter) in an old church flea market in one of the oldest early settlements of Canada. There is a lot of history here

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Heirloom Bears

when clearing out a family house I found 2 bears, one of which has a handwritten note saying he was 'born' in about 1929 and has been passed down through

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