Lost Bear from 2007-2009 era and got it from walmart but is very special**

by Kaitlyn


This was my younger brothers bear. I got it for him in 2007 and picked it out for him as his one year old gift. (I was 2). He grew up with it but then me and him and my younger sister had to move for a little while. My mom lost the bear somewhere. However, this bear may not seem worth much but it has a ton of sentimental value. Considering he had it until he was 11!!
My goal is not to find the bear as I know it may never be recovered. My goal is simply just to find out if ANYONE may know what this bear was called and if there are any made on ebay or anything. That’s all!!
I just want to get a new one so he can have it as a replacement. As sad as that sounds. And not so he could sleep with it but simply so he can be at peace that he has that bear again. But ever since we have not found it or found anything even remotely close for 6 years now.
So if anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it. Just let me know either on
fb : kaitlyn mays or
instagram : knm041805

Thank you!!

From walmart, Came in blue box, was smaller than most “fluffy bears” had a hard nose, was light brown, once had a tan bow on it, name was “teddy”, was made roughly around 2006-2007.

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