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Pastel Pink and Blue Teddy Bear Clown

This bear belonged to my boyfriend, Kyle, whom I love dearly, and sadly it has gone missing. While we still aren't completely certain we will never find

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My Cubby

This bear was given to my daughter by her grand father a few years ago. He has since passed and I can't get any real details about it. I was told it was

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Bearington or Boyds?

I purchased this bear today at a second hand store. I often get bears there and have found a few Bearington Bears. The other two that I have still have

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My Teddy Bear from he 1950's

Hi It would be lovely to know a little bit about my teddy bear. I grew up with this teddy bear in the early 1950's whilst I can't remember when I first

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Sad Sacks - Please Tell Me Who I Am!

I found Sad Sacks in a charity shop recently and just had to give that sad face a home. He is roughly 13 inches tall and is fully jointed. You can feel

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Lost Teddy Bear

Hi, Long story short, my fiance had a bear when she was younger that she adored, unfortunately it was left at a friends house, never to be seen again.

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Need Help Finding A Replacement Teddy Bear For My Wife

My wife shared with me that she had to give up her teddy bear when she was a child (due to extenuating circumstances) and that it was the only thing she

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Teddy Bear 55 Years Old

I am having my bear repaired but unsure of the make. He has a postage stamp(perhaps slightly bigger than UK stamp) on his left foot, it is worn ineligible

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My beautiful bear named Goldie

My grandmother gave me a bear when I was three. He had gold coloured fur when I first received him, but is very bare now. I would never go to bed without

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The mysterious Womble

So this is womble and as far as I know was given to my sister in the 70s in Manchester, England. I have tried to research any similar womble soft toys

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Girlfriend's Childhood Bear

My girlfriend has had this bear since she was a child. Guessing the age would roughly be around late 90's to early 2000's. We are looking for a similar

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Teddy Bear From Across The Pond

Hello, I recently purchase this little guy from across the big pond in Wisbech, England, United Kingdom, from antiques dealer. I am the Founder and Leading

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Old Large Teddy Bear -- Steiff? Age?

I'm trying to find more info on this lovely bear. He is approximately 28 tall from top of head (not counting ears) to bottom of feet. Excelsior stuffed.

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Mr lover bear ?

This bear was purchased over 15 years ago , have two others by the same maker, called something to do with types of coffee !, I think. They were purchased

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Please Identify my white/grey bear and age.

I found My lovely Grey/ White bear in the garage, of the house i bought from an elderly person, 3 years ago. As soon as i picked him up, i heard him growl.

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