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Australian Teddy Bear

I help selling items for a charity. We have been given a bear. He is the most strange looking bear, though a delightful face his front paws are turned

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Old jointed White Bear stiched blue nose and blue glass eyes

Hello I came across this lovely 12 inches white jointed teddy bear. Jointed, short nose, fur feels soft and somehow silky feel but old, 'paddington' look,

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An Andover Toy Unknown Teddy Bear

I found this teddy bear 2 years ago in the attic of a house i was cleaning out, It was wrapped in what Im guessing was the original plastic bag it came

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My John Doe Teddy Bear

I found this teddy bear in a thrift store, I have no idea if he is old/young, new or vintage as he has no tags, distinguishable markings or anything. His

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Koala teddy bear

My koala bear is about 18 inches in height. It is filled with what feels like straw or wood wool. It does crackle when it’s pressed and it is solid, nothing

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1960s Teddy Bear

This bear has been in our family for three generations, it came from Austria, my mother's homeland. She brought it to the UK with her when she migrated

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Two French half teddy bear brothers found in france

Teddy Bear ‘Flint’ ....good size, glass eyes, very worn, really charming,....quite a character, his arms legs and head all turn full circle. Rabbit ‘Larry’

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Teddy in a Shadow Box

This Teddy Bear belonged to my husband, Bill, now deceased. He would have been 68 this year. His family lived in Nashville, Tn and his parents were both

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Giant lion

This giant lion has been with me for 30 years, it was with my aunt for 5 years before that. The lion was won in a raffle many years ago. After my aunt

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Looking for information on my old 1990's Teddy Bear.

When I was a baby I was given probably the cutest teddy bear I have ever seen. As a child, in my infinite wisdom, I named him Teddy. I was born in 95 and

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Mr Lucky

Hi guys! Desperately desire to find Mr. Lucky's creator. Had him since I was maybe 8yo, when my dad rescued him from a frozen river (prompted by my pleas

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Big growler bear

I'm hoping someone can help with more information about this bear. It's 65 years old, my mother was given when she was 5 years old. The pads were replaced

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Meet the Paddy Pals

A lovely collection or original Irish teddy bears Called the paddy pals.

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Theodore Edward Beat -Ted E Bear - Tud

I got Tud as a replacement for another black bear I got at Mt. Rushmore that was lost in a house fire. My little brother could not say Ted so he called

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Dark blue and gray bear

Hi my name is Ginger I have a Dark blue and grey teddy bear. The dark blue runs all down his back including behind his ears, both legs and arms also but

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