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Vintage Super Hero Looking Bear With Letter J On Chest

Came across this bear when sorting my late grandmothers attic, I hadn't see it before and wondered if anyone knows who (if any) the character is? The

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Fully jointed white bear with small hump on back of neck

Got this old fellow today and just putting him out there to see if I can find out his origin and maker if possible. He has cream coloured like fake leather

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Looking To Identify And Value Open Mouth Teddy Bear

This unique old teddy bear is in excellent condition. He has a very bear like snout and open mouth with tongue and three holes in upper mouth where teeth

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My bear from (roughly) 1999?

I have had this bear since as long as I can remember. She has been through alot. She has gone through many resewings and surgeries and restuffings by now.

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Help Identifying old musical Teddy bear

Hi there, My son's father had given me a vintage bear a couple of month's ago and I'm having trouble trying to identify what it is. It's in great condition

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Looking to Identify Age/Origins of Teddy Bear

I got it from a local thrift store and know none of its background, it doesn’t have any tags that could indicate a brand or origin on it but it does have

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Four Gund Teddy Bears and a Vintage bear with no markings

My 88 year old mother left me 4 Teddy Bears with Gund tags. Of course I'm wondering what their values are and where I might sell them. First has an actual

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Handmade Teddy Bear Straw-filled and wearing Official Lee Overalls

I purchased this teddy bear at a thrift store so I have no history on it. It is about 11 inches long and the head is the widest part at about 3 1/2 inches

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Is my bear a Chad Valley bear

I have the exact same bear as in the picture at the top of this site. I received Furry Edward when I was around four in 1958 so that would make him 62

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Yellow 90’s (Easter?) Rabbit

I'm looking to find out where my childhood plush rabbit came from, as it's been weighing on my mind for years. He most likely would have been sold around

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My Childhood Teddy Bear

Teddy has been my dearest friend since I was three weeks old. He was purchased in a shop in downtown Wheeling, WV by my grandmother and was a gift for

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German teddy Bear

Believe from Germany. Not sure as I have no verifiable provenance. Found sitting nicely in the back of an “antique store” in Waxahachie , Tx. which is

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1909 steiff teddy bear

I believe I have a 1909 steiff teddy bear. I took it to an appraiser years ago and that is what he told me. He also believed that my bear was signed on

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Trying to understand my bear's heritage.

I bought this bear a few years ago at an antique shop. It reminded me of a bear I had as a child. This one is 12 tall with light brown or honey colored

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What kind of Russ teddy bear this is?

I got this teddy bear sometime between '98 and '05 I think. I'm pretty sure it is a Russ bear but I know that they all have individual names. I must have

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