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Lovely small bear , any help with identification please?

I got this bear from out of a bin at work. I saw his face and just fell in love with him. I am not a collector at all, so have no idea on how to date him.

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Large bear two colors

My bear is a large bear with a hunchback. About 25 to 26 inches from feet to head (about 65 cm). His eyes are black buttons. His nose is also black, no

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Unknown Artist - Sharp Dressed Teddy Bear!

I don't know what the manufacturer could be, of this bear. He may be a one of a kind, hand made by a private crafter or artist. He has no tags. He is

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Panda Bear Toy With Almost No Fur

I have an approximately 12 jointed bear that has been well loved. He has black ears, a black back, and black arms and legs with white paws. His head and

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Embroidered Germanic Musical Wind Up Bear Wearing Lederhosen

I got this bear from an old neighbor of my mom's who moved away in the late 1980's. She was moving into a home and was getting rid of her collections.

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Late 90's/Early 00's Bear

I've had this thing since my second birthday. Since it's seen such extensive use it's worn beyond any real value other than personal, so I'm not looking

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My Great Aunt Mildred McDonald's Teddy Bear

This is a vintage teddy bear that belonged to my great aunt Mildred I. McDonald, who received it circa 1912 as a one year old child. The bear has no tag,

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what is my bear?

Hi, I have just been given this bear by my cousin. It belonged to my Auntie who has since passed away. She use to go to a lot of auctions, my cousin

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Hams Bear

My husband passed down his childhood bear to our son who has been attached to the bear since he was just 2 months old. The bear is so loved that we fear

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Early 1900s mohair fella

I got this old boy at a flea market yesterday. His name is Barnaby. I know next to nothing about him, but he looks to be awfully old. He's nearly bald,

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Teddy Bear

The Teddy Bear that I have is of Dark Brown with Tan ears and paws. It's head is Hand sewn on to the body, it also has a steel Black nose and its eyes

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Help ID this poor bear

According to my parents, they obtained this teddy bear from a yard sale in 1991 when I was 6 months old. He has been with me ever since, even getting an

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Mishka, my friend

When I was four years old, I was visited by a man, a woman and a young red-headed boy at my orphanage. I knew that they were interested in checking me

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Help Me Find Another Teddy Bear Like This

This bear is filled with the bead like filling with normal stuffing in the arms and head. No tags left on him which makes it hard to find. He has more

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Lost Blue Bear

We bought this blue teddy bear in the early to mid 90’s, and I need help identifying the maker. My daughter lost “Blue Bear” at the airport and cried

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