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What is my bear?

Hi, I bought this teddy at an op shop a few years ago and was wondering about him and what he's worth, could anyone please help me? He's quite large and

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Help Identifying bear bought for my birthday 23 years ago

It’s kind of a white bear, with a red scarf with white polka dots. It’s made by Gund, although I’m not sure of the year. I know it was bought for me in

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Very Old teddy Bear Needs ID

hi. i have this very old bear. i know very little about it so i’ll try my best to describe him. his eyes are on wire stalks just like the ones on your

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Can anyone help Age and ID my Bear Please.

Hello. I have an age old Bear..threadbare old thing. Jut/Sackcloth. Missing most of it's hair and with boot button eyes. It isn't jointed and has no nose

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My Sister's Teddy Bear (Late 1980's)

My sister was gifted this teddy bear in 1988 (in the hospital room when she was born) by a family friend. The family friend does not remember where she

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Russ Berrie item no. 1137

Found in a farming shed in rural New South Wales, Australia. Front of Tag reads, VICTORIAN MEMORIES Poseable Antique Mohair Bears Rear of Tag reads, Russ

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1940's Teddy Bear

I was given this bear around 1978, when we lived in Cologne, Germany. He belonged to a friend of my mum’s whose children had grown up. So I guess he dates

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French Teddy Bear Help needed to identify him.

Hi all. Here is my bear that I just bought in France. Coming from France may suggest that it isn't German. He is filled with wood shavings & has glass

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Big Brown Bear

A friends mom has just passed and left him a beautiful stuffed bear. He's never seen it before and is stumped about it's history! We can't find any information

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What kind of bear is this?

So I have had this bear since Christmas 1974. It was given to me on my first Christmas by my Aunt. It's been eaten by our dogs a couple times sadly.

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Miss Bear Haviour

I think my title is the name of an artist who hand crafts individual bears. The bears I just bought which I think are hers have a mark embroidered on a

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Bing Miniature Teddy Bear?

Dear all, I bought this miniature teddy bear about a year ago from an ebay seller who sells mainly antique and collectable bears. I am trying to find

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Teddy bear From 1979

I have a teddy bear from 1979 that's 40 years old.its small an brown I would like to know how much it's worth? I don't see many of it's kind when I search

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Possible Pooh bear?

Hello, This is a teddy bear that belonged to my mom who was born 1969, so I’d assume it’s from the 60s or 70s and would have been bought in Canada.

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Bear from brocante market

Hello everybody, I'm from the Netherlands (sorry if my English isn't very good) and i would like to ask your opinion about this bear. Today I bought this

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