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This is my very long loved teddy I

I got him for the Christmas of 2005/6 for my second Christmas :) He came white (shocking) and as a ‘stuff your own’ teddy I’ve been told. He had a velcro

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Please help me identify my childhood bear

I have no longer got min but here’s an identical copy just in blue

Recently I have been looking for what steiff bear mine was, I have looked all over the internet with only one match in which I cannot find the exact one

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Grandfather's Old Bear

Grandfathers Old Bear

This bear belonged to my grandfather. I am curious about what make it is, where is might have been purchased, possible value beyond sentimental value,

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Anyone know who made this bear?

I’ve had this bear since 2005, I was about three or so when someone won him in a claw machine for me and I’ve loved him ever since. I don’t remember if

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Have you seen me?? 2007 Blonde Bear, Brown ribbon and nose

I still have lamby bear' but have always wanted to know the original brand/listing, and hopefully get one that hasn't been loved so much. Blonde teddy

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Do you know this bear?

Meet Teddy

Hello! I am looking for the make of this bear. I was given it when I was a kid between the years 1998 and 2000. It has brown tartan ears and feet pads,

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Please help me identify my childhood bear!

This handsome chap named Billy has been in my family since roughly 1996-1998, and we are from England. His label is gone, so I'm completely clueless as

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Is this is a Steiff?

I inherited this bear from my German godmother who was born in 1924 in Germany. I would like to know if it is of any great value as she always said it

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Well Loved Bear

well loved bear

This well-loved bear belonged to my brother. My grandparents gave it to him on his First Birthday in 1948. He is Cinnamon in Color, Approx. 20 Tall, Head,

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Brumas the bear

The photos are of “Brumas” he was my mothers childhood bear (she was born in 1952). Apologies for the photos as he is currently not in the best state.

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Shinko’s country store bear

i found this bear at shinko’s country store in Avon, Ohio. i got him for $100, along with a schuco berlin “tut gut” mini bear from the 60s that they gave

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Floppy Ears Golden Teddy Bear

Floppy Ears Golden Teddy Bear

This bear was adopted by me very recently. He has brown antiqued leather paws. I can feel hard discs at the top of his arms and legs and where his head

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My Bear , known by all as BIG TED has been in my family for at least 50 years perhaps more? My older sister laid claim to him but can’t remember who gave

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Maci - 1938 Hungary

Hi all, I have this very old and handsome bear Maci (pronounced Mutzy). He was gifted to my father in 1938 as his 4th birthday present. It was quite the

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Can anyone help me identify this bear I can't find him anywhere


I was hoping someone could help me identify my sons teddy bear,he was bought 8years ago from a second hand store for my son he has no tags I can't find

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