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A beautiful little bear with a label

I bought this beautiful bear from eBay for £39. The seller said they weren’t sure what make she is. I fell in love with her little smile and with her long

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Beyond repair or not?

Hi there all, I.have acquired this old teddy bear very recently. He has really been in the wars, one leg virtually amputated, small.tears to his very worn

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my old teddy bear

Hello I have had this bear for a long time and I received it from an elderly woman but I have no idea about it what kind of bear , How old ?? etc his

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1940's teddy bear missing almost all his fur

I really need help identifying this bear it has extremely high sentimental value to my grampa and I want to see if I can find a new one just like it. he

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Girl’s Best Friend- Seeking to identify to find a duplicate

Hi, I’m seeking to identify this bear, my daughter’s beloved Papa Bear, to purchase a duplicate. He’s very well loved and due to a robbery when she was

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My best pal growing up!

I got my bear when I was born, 22 years ago, and has been through it all with me. I dragged my bear everywhere with me. My bear is now old and worn but

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Jointed Teddy Bear from Sears Roebuck & Co.

I received this teddy bear as a gift from my parents when I was young but I do not recall exactly when in my childhood so I am not sure of the age of this

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2 old teddies

Hello I'm looking for advice on two teddies I own. One of them i think is a stiff but he has been really beaten up a puppy got hold of him years ago. He

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2 teddy bears from late 90s/early 2000s

Hello everyone, this might be a weird request, but I’ve had these bears since I was a little kid, they’re starting to really getting worn down, so I want

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1994 or 1995 Kmart teddy bear

I have a well loved and well worn bear I got from Kmart in Canada in 1993 or 1994. He looks much like the snowflake/ christmas bears from the Dan Dee collection

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Tracey's Teddy

This little guy is about 12 inches tall, has a soft body and straw or harder material in his head head. He once had a music box in his belly but he was

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Tracey’s Teddy

My bear is from the early sixties I think. It was given to me when I was born. I was born in Canada. He is about 12 inches tall has movable stems and legs,

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Red Teddy Bear identity

This is a 3 tall, red teddy bear with moveable limbs and padded feet. It's eyes, nose and mouth seem to be made of thread. The bear is a stuffed with something

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Hello, This distressed teddy was bought from an old collector who preferred not to have it restored. It did suffer some repairs along the way, I think,

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Mom's 1940s(?) teddy bear

I found this teddy bear among my Mom's belonging so guessing it was one of her childhood toys - she was born in the early 40's. He's about 9 inches high,

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