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Please help me find where “Fred” is from

This is my partners childhood teddy. He has been sitting on top of the wardrobe for years and recently I decided to try and find his original make, name

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Lost bear in Hurricane Ida

My father purchased this bear for me in the late 80’s or early ‘90s. I lost everything during the flooding from Hurricane Ida in September. I was rescued

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Help find my childhood bear

Hi, ive searched everywhere for this bear I have no idea what the brand of the bear is, all I remember is the logo was something beginning with T, as I

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slightly tattered small Teddy bear

I just bought this unmarked untagged slightly tattered small Teddy bear.the stitching is brown and visible on his forehead, back of head center, back down

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Who is this Bearie????

Bearie is a bear I have had since I was little. His paws are weighted with beans, he has a flocked nose with plastic eyes, he has a tag so faded that I

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1989 White soft teddy purchased from Boots Pharmacy in Wokingham, England

This is my childhood teddy bear, purchased from a Boots Pharmacy in England by my parents in 1989. There's no evidence of any tag that I can find on him.

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So many years and no clue !

The bear was a gift to my Mother who is 61 . The bear is very small . Smaller then my hand . Hard and crunchy when I Squeeze the middle. The arms and

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Old Sooty and Sweep

Hello, I’m hoping that someone may be able to help with the makers details for these two please? Or any further information. They both belonged to my late

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Teddy bear blue

My bear was given to me when I was a baby in 1960. My bear is a large bear standing 2ft high. My bear has fully movable joints and his head also moves

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Long Lost Pink Teddybear

My girlfriend received a teddy bear many years ago when she was a child (2006). She had kept the teddy bear for years but lost it around 2018-2019 while

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Articulated Teddy Bear

This articulated limb teddy was acquired in Germany as a gift. It is very old, but age unknown. Manufacturer unknown. The pads of the feet are a beige/cream

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a musical Teddy bear

I have a musical Teddy bear (Big Ted) which I have owned for around 57 years he was bought for me when I was born I would love to know a little more about

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Military Panda Teddy Bear

About 12” tall, sitting. Panda Bear. Has a sewn on uniform, with hat. It is quite old. Was given to aunt in 1930. Is discolored fur. Buttons have “water”

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22 cm.honey coloured jointed bear

It's a 22 cm.honey coloured jointed bear that came from Harrods. It has HH embroidered on his right foot, a thin ribbon around his neck, and a label that

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Bruno is a strange looking bear

My uncle, born in 1934 owned this bear which he called Bruno. Bruno has long, straight, moving limbs attached by wire (poking out on his left army muscle,

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