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Teddy bear From 1979

I have a teddy bear from 1979 that's 40 years old.its small an brown I would like to know how much it's worth? I don't see many of it's kind when I search

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Possible Pooh bear?

Hello, This is a teddy bear that belonged to my mom who was born 1969, so I’d assume it’s from the 60s or 70s and would have been bought in Canada.

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Bear from brocante market

Hello everybody, I'm from the Netherlands (sorry if my English isn't very good) and i would like to ask your opinion about this bear. Today I bought this

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Old lioness/meerkat looking teddy?

This bear is around 10-14 years old, my brother got it before i was born and handed it down to me. I remember him telling me that he had obtained it from

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Cornish teddy bear can you help me identify him

I bought this bear in Cornwall, UK, in an antiques shop. The owner said he was a family bear, and that he’d been in the family a long time, but she didn’t

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The bear my dad left.

Hi everyone. If your reading this thanks for taking the time to have a look. I was hoping someone could help me with info on a bear I found in my dads

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my mums bear

My mums old teddy bear at least 70 years old and showing her age covered in a light brown short pile fur which is worn through in several places in particular

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Info on my 70 year old American teddy

Hello my name is Monica and I live in the UK, this is my teddy bear which was sent as a gift to my parents by relatives in America nearly 70 years ago.

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Help? cant figure out where this bear was made

ive had this bear ever since i was little...and since then my mom has had to replace the hands and feet with denim and his nose has peeled away. it once

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Right Bear. Wrong Song. :'(

I was born in 1985 and the First toy I ever received was from my grandmother and it played Babes in Toyland. I love this bear very much and I've never

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Grandmas Teddy Bear

Grandma passed and we have her teddy bear but we have no info on it. It is a girl bear in a light blue velvet dress trimmed in white feathers. She has

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Big Ted

This is my mum’s teddy. She thinks he belonged to her sister first who was born in about 1935. She doesn’t think he arrived as a new teddy but was already

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My Dads Teddy Bear

Hello, my name is Ivy and I am going crazy looking for my dads old Teddy online because I’m just curious who he is and where he came from! I can find similar

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Yellow Bear 1982

Hi all :) Meet Doodie, he's 37 years old and so am I. My aunt bought him the day I was born in the Spring of 1982. He comes from the gift shop of the Lasalle

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70 year old Teddy Bear

I got my bear in 1976. My Grandma was dying and they were sorting out things in the loft and I was given him, she died the same day. My Mother said it

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