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Benji Bear

I found this cute little bear at a charity shop. He is roughly 11 inches tall and has a straw coloured plush which is quite bare in places. He is rather

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35 Years Old Brown Bear

I’ve had this bear since I was around 3 or 4 years old, which makes him about 35 years old ( it’s always been a he to me). I would like to find out what

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1975 Teddy Bear Help Identify Me

Hello, I was told I received this bear in 1975 at birth by my grandmother. I am trying to identify the bear and possibly find him again. I have found the

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Golden German Teddy Bear

Germans Bear purchase about 3 yrs ago on ebay he has bright golden fur tan pads on feet with three black stiches the same on the pass long arms also black

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1990 Gund - HELP

Hi everyone. I've been trying to identify this bear for months. The label points to Gund 1990, and I am thinking it is a Candibear 2276, however the color

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Help me identify my dear teddy bear friend.

I have posted about Jenkins on here once before but I will do it one more time as I am still looking for a replacement for him. I am a 19 year old woman

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Mr Big

I recently purchased a 29 inch growler bear. I think he's made from wool plush. He has velvet paws and inner ears . He is five way jointed He has four

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We've been together now for 65 years!

This brown bear was given to me when I was a baby and although he has one eye and has lost his squeak, he still has an appeal. His little friend is also

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Grandmas Teddy Bear

I've received a suitcase of teddybears from my late grandmother and besides Steiff and Heunec I have 3 teddys (and a rabbit) which are without any labels.

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Help Me Identify These Two Old teddy Bears

I was renovating a house in Salem, Oregon from a month ago when we acquired this property. The owner passed away at 85 and the family lost the home. This

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Search For a Long Lost Friend

Greetings. This Bear was bought for my sister in Fort Walton Beach Florida when she was born in 1990. She unfortunately lost it when she was young and

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Learning More About Eric The Bear

Hello. I have just brought a lovely test. He was made by Deans Rag book company LTD and is called Eric of Pudsey. He is a limited edition and it says he

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Brothers Bear

My grandfather gave this bear to my brother on his first Christmas - Dec. 25, 1947 (In Oregon). He is jointed & his head rotates. He is all original

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Mr. Ted

Hi. When I was about 6 years old my Mom and Dad got divorced and I was devastated. We lived in Harare, Zimbabwe (which was then known as Salisbury, Rhodesia).

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Autistic Boy Loses Best Friend a.k.a. Mr. Teddybones

Hello, My 13 year old son had a very traumatic experience yesterday. One minute he was singing to VeggieTales in my backseat, bouncing his little teddy

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