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My old teddy bear

I'd like to see if you could tell me about the old teddy bear I found in an abandoned house. I already filled this out and submitted it but it said the

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Merrythought Bear With Purple Feet

Hello My bear is a very well kept brown bear. It had been in my possession for around a year now. I purchased it from a charity shop for around £50. It

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Possibly Vintage Winnie-the-Pooh Bear??

His legs and arms are moveable because they are attached by a single piece of thread. Yet they are sturdily held and dont feel flimsy at all. The outside

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Lovely Old Teddy Bear

My bear is gold in color. It is aprox 50cm or 20 inches tall.the eyes are ruby with black pupils.the head is constructed with a triangle formed between

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Big Boy 29" Teddy

I found this beautiful giant golden brown bear in a thrift store. He is a whopping 29 inches tall from ear tips to paws. He is fully jointed and head

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Boo Boo Bear

My bear is 16 inches tall with gray mohair. He has two toned glass eyes with a black sewed on nose. All his limbs and head articulate, i think he is a

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Black And White Family Teddy Bear.

The bear is about 18 long. He has black fur. He has white or tan (I cannot tell) on bottom of each paw, white squarely across the bottom of the belly,

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Looking for 1990s bear brand

My twin nephews lost their most special stuffed bears, aka Teds, in the Mendocino Complex fire of October 2017. They were given the bears by their grandparents

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Bear From The Past

hello I'm just looking for some information on my bear,he has been in my family for years and when I was younger he was given to me he is a little tatty

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Jazzy J's baby

Hi. This may seem weird but I have no where else to go. I'm Marian and I am looking for a replacement bear for my little neice. She received a bear when

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The Three Bears

I recently purchased these three bears from an auction and I have been unable to find any information on them. They come sitting in their own captains

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Small teddy bear I've always had.

My small teddy 8-9 has always been with me, but I don't know where he's from. He's got an Original Teddy-Steiff around the outside, then Original Marker

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Inherited Teddy Bear

My mother recently passed away and found this little gem that I had never seen or heard about from mom (her parents deceased also). The bear measures approximately

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1950-1952 Tricky Schuco yes/no girl bear with dress, diaper and non-furry body, arms and legs

This bear is clearly from the 1950's post war. I can see it is a Schuco bear. The tag is still attached. It is red plastic and reads Schuco Tricky Patent

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Thirteen inch Teddy Bear From 50s or 60s

Please help me identify my bear. This was my childhood bear, given to me when I was a baby. I was born @ 1960. My bear is about 13 inches tall without

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