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Petz with growler wearing Buddy Lee vintage overallls

I acquired this teddy at an outdoor auction. It came with no history. Its face and shape leads me to think it is Petz from Germany. It does have a growler

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A Red Teddy Bear

I had this bear ever since I was around 6 until I was 12 (2007-2013). The bear was given to me by my mother or grandmother. (Most likely my grandmother

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Please help find the teddy bear for friend's birthday!

Hi everyone, I have a special question for a very dear colleague of mine: He had this teddy bear (in the attachment) as a kid, which was then lost. Apparently

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Looking for information about my old bear

This is my childhood teddy bear - I have had him for my whole life. In fact, he is older than me as my Mum was given him for me while she was pregnant.

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Well loved sweater bear

Bought at a thrift store. Machine sewn, wood wool stuffing and probably mohair fabric. Ears are handsewn, probably a repair. Wearing a little red sweater

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Attic find bear

We have an attic find bear that we know is at least 60 years old plus, it is quite worn as you would expect, has movable joints with what seem like discs

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1930ish Somerset PA area Teddy Bear

This needs four hundred words, so forgive the embellishments, hyperbole, etceterae. Well, let's see... how did this all start? My dear Mama gave me this

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South African Teddy Bear

Please help me identify this teddy bear. He was bought for me in South Africa by my mom, but I have no idea if he was imported or made locally. A date

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identifying age and maker of teddy bear and possible value

My teddy was given to me at birth - 1960 in Western Australia. He is about 19 long, is almost bald now, but what fur is left appears to be synthetic?.

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I need a duplicate treedy bear

My bear is a 10” light brown/tan color. He has a bronze nose and white ears, paws, and belly. He used to have a gold bow, but it came off about 12 years

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Small, tan-gray childhood bear

This bear simply named “Teddy.” He belongs to my 13-year-old daughter, I have no information on where he came from or who gave him to her. She’s had him

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Huge Bear of 1981-1982

Huge Teddy Bear of 1981-1982 ,made by Besttoy Meg.LTD, 43 Hall nst Brooklyn ,NY.476.Mass.T361.OHIO 9618. It ia a vintangage bear, the toy of my husband's

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Trying to Replace a Dear Lost Bear

A charming bear given to my wife as a toddler in the MidWestern United States. May originally have been a version of Winnie the Pooh though color is

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Vintage Super Hero Looking Bear With Letter J On Chest

Came across this bear when sorting my late grandmothers attic, I hadn't see it before and wondered if anyone knows who (if any) the character is? The

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Fully jointed white bear with small hump on back of neck

Got this old fellow today and just putting him out there to see if I can find out his origin and maker if possible. He has cream coloured like fake leather

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