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Bing Clockwork Teddy Bear

We think we have a Bing clockwork teddybear in our home. My husband got this lovely teddybear as young in late 50´s but we think it could have been older

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Rigby is my 7old son's pet teddy that follows him every were. He received him when he was born as a gift off his pop who since has passed on, but we know

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50 year old bear seeking identity ....

I distinctly remember choosing this bear from a display of bears in what I feel was a department store in England; it was the first purchase (consumer

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White teddy bear bought in HK, 2007/8

So this is a bear that has been with me ever since I was born, and my sister knows that I really want to know the details about this bear, so she created

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2005 Blue Teddy Bear

Please help me find the origin of this bear! This teddy bear was a Christmas gift from one of my deceased relatives back in 2005. Ever since then, I have

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A Mother's wish to help heal her hurting baby boy

I'm looking for a 2006 medium size tan Brown teddy bear to purchase as a replacement for my son. He lost his Bear-Bear as he called him, several years

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Is this a true vintage Teddy or a good fake?

I found this 40” teddy at an Estate Sale at a very high end home. He seemed to be looking at me with a forlorn expression as all the items were sold around

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Hallmark Bear with Black & Yellow striped shirt

I would dearly like to know how rare my teddy bear is and if he is valuable. To me he is priceless, of course, because I have had him for so very long,

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1944 RMS Aquitania Teddy Bear

I was sent this teddy bear for Christmas 1944 by my Uncle who was in the US Navy on board the Cunard White Star Lines 'RMS Aquitania' which was then being

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Help...the abandoned bear at the bottom of a box

I received this bear in the bottom of a box. I’m hoping to find out as much as possible as I don’t know the history of it. The grandparents came from Germany

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7 Inch Teddy Bear

My bear is about 7 inches.. He is made of wool has a very pointed face with a leather nose... His ears are from the sheep skin so the leather is showing

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Fred The Teddy Bear

Hi, my name is Anne and this is my old boy Fred. Got him in 1975 when I was 4 ears old. I am now almost 50. he is 60 cm long and 35cm wide. He has a

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Antique Swiss Music Box 1930s-1940s Teddy

I bought this teddy at the local antique mall. I've never been an antique bear collector, but the moment I saw this one it made me feel happy. He has

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White 8" bear that plays "teddy bear's picnic" - Eden?

This is a white 8 bear given to me in 1984. Lost his tags long ago. In the photo, you can see my worn bear sitting next to an identical, new bear.

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Long blonde mohair humpback bear by unknown maker?

We are trying to identify an adorable Long blonde mohair teddy bear with glass eyes, long nose and distinct hump back, fully jointed at all limbs and neck.

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