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Yellow 90’s (Easter?) Rabbit

I'm looking to find out where my childhood plush rabbit came from, as it's been weighing on my mind for years. He most likely would have been sold around

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My Childhood Teddy Bear

Teddy has been my dearest friend since I was three weeks old. He was purchased in a shop in downtown Wheeling, WV by my grandmother and was a gift for

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German teddy Bear

Believe from Germany. Not sure as I have no verifiable provenance. Found sitting nicely in the back of an “antique store” in Waxahachie , Tx. which is

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1909 steiff teddy bear

I believe I have a 1909 steiff teddy bear. I took it to an appraiser years ago and that is what he told me. He also believed that my bear was signed on

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Trying to understand my bear's heritage.

I bought this bear a few years ago at an antique shop. It reminded me of a bear I had as a child. This one is 12 tall with light brown or honey colored

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What kind of Russ teddy bear this is?

I got this teddy bear sometime between '98 and '05 I think. I'm pretty sure it is a Russ bear but I know that they all have individual names. I must have

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Curious about my favorite bear.

I've had this teddy bear since i was born in 2001, and 19 years later, I'm more curious than ever to figure out what kind of bear he is. I (accurately)

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How old is my Paddington bear?

My bear is a Paddington Bear given to me by my now deceased great aunty. I am not sure how long she had him. He has two large, round, dome shape, plastic

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Does This Bear Come From Austria?

This bear was given to me as a child (30 years ago), by a family friend who came from Austria. I have no idea about where or when this bear was bought,

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1930's Brown Bear

My mother's teddy bear found its way to me this year. Mom was born in 1933 but can't say anything about her bear and were it came from. She grew up in

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Who Knows my Teddy Bear

Hi everyone, I'd love to know what kind of bear this is, e.g. where he is from, if this type of bear has a particular name, if he is worth anything and

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Green and White Teddy Bear

I have a green and white teddy bear. I have no idea where he came from, I just have always had him. I think I got him when I was about 3 years. He's green

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Old Swedish teddy Bear

I have a bear that was given to me by my mother. It was a gift from her grandparents on her fathers side and they were both born 1900 here in sweden. The

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My Red Teddybear

Hello. I want to ask if anyone would determine the year of manufacture and the origin of my teddy bear. I live in the Czech Republic and today I received

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Australian Teddy Bear

I was given this bear when I was around 3 years old when I was living in Sydney Australia , my Mum found the bear left behind in the hotel she was working

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