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Only friend at Grandma's

She was from the 1980s, even late 70s possibly. She was Beautiful. She was light pink in color with a light floral print on her. She had pink yarn hair

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Big brown teddy bear

My bear is over 40 years old as my Mum was brought it of my Dad as a Gift, when he came home from the navy it was brought from a shop in Stockport or Stockport

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Thrift Store Teddy

While at the thrift store this adorable little fellow caught my eye. He has a nice spot on my headboard and is happy in his new home, however here in

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1951 stuffed bear bought in Germany

My uncle bought me & my sisters bears while he was stationed in Germany in 1950-51 during the occupation. My bear was small (8), my sisters' bigger

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My Goofball teddy bear

I was given this beautiful 90.2 cm - 3 f tall antique/vintage bear with circular moving arms and legs plus his head moves to he has gorgeous brown eyes

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Two bears lost in a fire, help with ID please?

I have no labels to tell me anything about the bears. They were supposed to be cleaned and kept after a fire, but they now cannot be found :( The larger

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Fur-less leather teddy

Greetings from Adelaide, Australia, I bought this vintage leather teddy at a local estate auction about 15 years ago and have had no success in identifying

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Long Lost Pink Teddy Bear

I'm looking to find this long lost pink bear plush I had when I was around 3 years old. I'm 22 now. My mother believes we got her from a thrift store.

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would love to know more about this little guy!

My daughter was given this little white bear back in 1991 when she was a baby. She managed to hang on to it for many years, but when she moved a few years

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5 Claw Teddy Bear --Any Info I would Appreciate--Thanks

Bear has 5 claws on his hands and feet...The bottom of feet are pink--missing a black eye-from top of war to bottom of foot is 21 inches..I really do not

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Much Loved Pink Bear From 2000s

My dearest Emma has been with me since I was born. I cut off her labels long ago, although I do have memories of her having a tag like Hermann bears.

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Looking for more info about my childhood toy...

I have had my bear since I was a small child and was given him as a hand-me-down at the time, so he is definitely at least 40+ years old. I’m looking to

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Very Old Teddy Bear

have recently purchased a very sorry looking bear from a brocante in france where I live, It is stuffed with excelsior wood wool, his material is in

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Purple Bear from the 1970's.

I don't know how I am going to get 400 words in about this bear, but I will try. The bear is two toned, looks like a purple and white. His belly jingled,

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Gund Boo Crew 6202

I'm trying to locate a bear. It was made by Gund as part of a collection, called the Boo Crew. I originally received the frankenstein-looking bear as a

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