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Brumas the bear

The photos are of “Brumas” he was my mothers childhood bear (she was born in 1952). Apologies for the photos as he is currently not in the best state.

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Shinko’s country store bear

i found this bear at shinko’s country store in Avon, Ohio. i got him for $100, along with a schuco berlin “tut gut” mini bear from the 60s that they gave

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Floppy Ears Golden Teddy Bear

Floppy Ears Golden Teddy Bear

This bear was adopted by me very recently. He has brown antiqued leather paws. I can feel hard discs at the top of his arms and legs and where his head

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My Bear , known by all as BIG TED has been in my family for at least 50 years perhaps more? My older sister laid claim to him but can’t remember who gave

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Maci - 1938 Hungary

Hi all, I have this very old and handsome bear Maci (pronounced Mutzy). He was gifted to my father in 1938 as his 4th birthday present. It was quite the

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Can anyone help me identify this bear I can't find him anywhere


I was hoping someone could help me identify my sons teddy bear,he was bought 8years ago from a second hand store for my son he has no tags I can't find

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Tagged Teddy

photo of the Nose

This is a 9 inch tall golden brown Teddy Bear with a narrow green ribbon around its neck. The ribbon is original. There is one tag it does not have a company

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My first teddy 1978

Received him at birth, he is well loved. Looking for another one just like him. My aunt thought she purchased it at Kmart or Shopko. He is about 20 from

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Steiff Teddy bear? Can you help me identify?


I recently found this Teddy bear amongst many other stuffed animals in a box. I immediately recognized the wool mohair from all the others. My mother in

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Old bear with music box in belly

Hi there, My name is Sarah and I was just writing in hope's that you could please help me identify my old bear that was passed down after my grandfather

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Brown bear with tartan details, mid-late 80s

This is my favourite bear. He was passed down to me from my older brother, the bear was given to him from a family member around the mid-late 80s or early

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My first Teddy Bear (late '60s)

Hello, I have been trying to find out what kind of bear this is because I desperately would like to find another one. Unfortunately, he was attacked by

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my unidentified, possibly mohair bear

this is my bear, he is golden, (or used to be, anyway) and he may be made out of mohair, i’m not sure. he could be a hermann or other. anyway, he has his

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Help with Floppsy's Heritage

Shy Floppsy

I was in a charity shop about 10 years ago and saw this little fella sitting on a shelf on his own. I paid £5.00 and took him home to join my teddy bear

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have no idea where it came from/it's history or background.

Hope this is helps.

My older neighbor passed away. She collected things like beanie babies (which were given to me) and in the mix was a pretty heavy small bear. There are

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