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Help identify this lost bear

This bear, was given to me when I was born in 1976 in Mississauga, Ontario. Unfortunately he got lost, in 1994 when our family was moving to different

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Long Legged Teddy Bear

I've had this bear since I was a baby, but my parents have no idea where he came from. He was definitely bought as I remember ripping up the label he had

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Not antique, but I would really like to know more about my bear

I've had this bear for as long as I can remember. I was born in 2000, and my grandmother bought it for me when I was still an infant, so I assume it was

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Need help identifying teddy bear - no tags

This cute little bear is light tan or a cream colour. with light tan paws. Has a long snout made from what looks like thick cotton or hessian fabric

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Light Brown Teddy Bear with JB on left foot

6 Years ago (2013) I received a light brown teddy bear from Forsyth Hospital (Novant Health) in W-S, NC. The teddy bear is small similar to a beanie baby.

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Childhood Teddy

Mr. Bear (creative, I know) was a teddy bear I was given sometime between my birth in 2001 and my third birthday in 2004. He's been by my side my entire

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Miniature keychain plush bear

I have had her since I was born she is dark blue with red spots she has black on her ears hands and feet her nose and mouth is made with black string her

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Trying to replace my girlfriend's childhood teddy bear

So this is a bit of a vague request maybe. My girlfriend had a teddy bear that was bought for her at the hospital she was born at in 1994. The bear was

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Childhood teddy bear, red ribbon tag and beans insides

I’ve had this bear since I was very young I got it around 2005-2007. I’ve wanted to find out where it is from since I was little and vaguely remember finding

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Humped back teddy bear

His limbs move all the way round, he has a humped back, growls when you put him on his back, has an embroidered cotton nose, plastic black/orange beady

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5 jointed Teddy Bear

My bear has no tags of any kind. It is firmly stuffed. I do not know what the stuffing is made of but it is very firm. His head, arms, and legs move. The

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Old Teddy Bear

I have no back ground to my teddy bear. It has always just been with me. It looks oold, I am 50 yrs old so it must be at least that. It's about 20 inches

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Cardboard disc limbs, wood shavings inside?!

This bear was given to me by my great grandmother when I was born and I’m no spring chicken! Came across it recently and was intrigued to find out some

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Great Britain Panda pre-1948

I was born in Rochdale, Lancashire, England in 1948. When I was born my aunt got this panda for me at an auction, I was told, but we have no idea how much

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My Mother's Teddy Bear

Hi, I'm searching for information about my mother's old teddy bear. My mother was born in 1932 and was given this bear in 1934. We unfortunately don't

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