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Need to know if this teddy bear is old ASAP!

I bought this untagged bear on eBay to make a Halloween costume for my dog, but after receiving it, I became concerned it might be old. The ad didn’t provide

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Mint Green Teddy Bear

Hi, I recently picked up this old mint color mohair bear and was hoping the readers may be able to help identify it. It is made of dark mohair and it looks

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Help ID This Growling Teddy

Hello all, I am hoping someone can help me pinpoint a maker for this lovely antique bear. I passed him in the antique store and simply could not pass

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Very Old Teddy Bear, Please Help!

I found this guy at a garage sale for one or two US dollars, but I think he belonged in an antique shop because good gosh, he looks incredibly old! Well,

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My Childhood Bear 1970's

I recently was given some photos when I was young about three which would be 1976, In the photo I’m with my first and only Teddy bear which I loved so

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I would like to find out more about this Ted

The bear is a 'hard bear' and not soft. It has black nose, eyes, smile, paws. The arms and legs move about and I have it sitting down on my shelf. He is

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Trying to Identify where my Grandma's Bear came from

My Mother gave me a Teddy Bear that is believed to belong to my Grandmother handed down from my Great Grandmother. Ted is in rough shape, he no longer

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Latest Addition...

Anyone able to ID this fellow? Went to an antiques mall this weekend that I hadn't been to before, and stumbled onto a dealer's booth who is an antique

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Color block childrens teddy, childhood bear from my late father

Teddy's very old. As an infant, my dad gave him to me. He passed 8 years ago, and I just thought it would be cool to know where this was from, or how I

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GG's Teddy Bear

I found this in a collection of things from my great grandma's attic. She was born in 1912, and my Grandma came along in 1938. I'm not sure who's bear

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Bought Two Bears this Weekend...

I bought these two antique/vintage teddy bears this weekend, in different antiques malls. I believe both are mohair. The larger bear measures about 18-19

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Help Me Find This Bear, Please.

my very good friend just recently lost what was left of her first teddy bear. She says she cried for a month. She slept with every night. The body was

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French Bear Company

Good evening, I was given this Bear 20 years ago from my mom. I know very little about this Bear. I was having a garage sale and vacillated on selling

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Looking for more info about my bear

Have had my bear for almost 30 years now and was looking to see if anyone knew anything about 'em. The story was that after I was born my mother had taken

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French bear with amnesia

I'm trying to find out more about this gorgeous, no so little chap. I have no history with him as I have just rescued him from a charity shop in the south

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