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Steiff Teddy bear? Can you help me identify?

I recently found this Teddy bear amongst many other stuffed animals in a box. I immediately recognized the wool mohair from all the others. My mother in

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Old bear with music box in belly

Hi there, My name is Sarah and I was just writing in hope's that you could please help me identify my old bear that was passed down after my grandfather

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Brown bear with tartan details, mid-late 80s

This is my favourite bear. He was passed down to me from my older brother, the bear was given to him from a family member around the mid-late 80s or early

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My first Teddy Bear (late '60s)

Hello, I have been trying to find out what kind of bear this is because I desperately would like to find another one. Unfortunately, he was attacked by

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my unidentified, possibly mohair bear

this is my bear, he is golden, (or used to be, anyway) and he may be made out of mohair, i’m not sure. he could be a hermann or other. anyway, he has his

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Help with Floppsy's Heritage

I was in a charity shop about 10 years ago and saw this little fella sitting on a shelf on his own. I paid £5.00 and took him home to join my teddy bear

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have no idea where it came from/it's history or background.

My older neighbor passed away. She collected things like beanie babies (which were given to me) and in the mix was a pretty heavy small bear. There are

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Teddy from late 90’s early 00’s

Brown bear soft fluffy fur with silky ribbon, weight in bottom and legs. Solid eyes and thread nose The tag is well worn away & the earliest picture evidence

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Please please help me find this bear

Hello, I’ve got this bear possibly late 1980s and early 1990s, it was the only childhood bit that I held onto for many years, unfortunately my daughter

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I have had Gizmo for 33-34 years. He used to have a hard black plastic nose and little red felt tongue and a squeaky thing in his left food which sadly

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Edward bear 1930s

This is my mother’s bear called Edward, of course! She was born in 1931 and she and Edward were inseparable. They had many adventures together and he

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Boutique Bear

I remember walking through downtown Sedalia Missouri with an old lady friend of my mom's when I was somewhere around 5 years old. I'm 42 now. I saw her

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Please help me identify my golden mohair bear

I have a bear that was my mother's when she was a baby (she was born in 1949). It's a golden mohair center seam on the stomach and face, no markings for

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Talky ted

Talky ted is a bear made of parachute type nylon fabric. Their ears are round and mainly white, with the inside stitched as a pink and white plaid pattern.

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Steiff Bear

Hello. I know this is a Steiff Bear as it has the pin in the ear, but I was trying to date it. I'm new to bear researching so had no idea who to contact

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