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Large brown bear

I was born in 1985 and got this bear either when i was born or by my 1st birthday. He has been VERY obviously loved over the years. Affectionately named

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Trying to see if I can find another one of my bears for my son

White fur, brown eyes, and a hard brown nose with a green shirt with small white dots throughout it and a solid white collar. Over his shirt he has a pair

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Girlfriend's missing bear

Hello to all! I'm hoping you guys and gals could help me if possible. My girlfriend (whom I love very dearly) told me that she lost her childhood bear

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Can someone identify my white bear?

I received my teddy bear when I was about 2 years old in the early 2000s. Probably around 2002 or 2003. The person who gifted it to me has said that they

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JSLB's 1930s Bear

I believe this bear is from the early 1930s. My father said it was a Steiff, but I have never had this verified. His father did travel to Germany in the

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magic bear

my bear is approx 6 to 7 inches high. Creamy coloured. I bought him at a church jumble sale in 1977 and he was already old and battered then. His head

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Antique Soldier Bear

14 upright bear, jointed arms and legs, stuffed with sawdust or fine wood shavings, sewn on black trousers, red jacket with small black felt buttons, faded

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Help me find my childhood teddy

It’s a pink bear, its fur is individual somewhat thick strands that kinda resemble noodles. It has a think light pink strand of chiffon like fabric around

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Is This a 1940's American bear

Hello! I recently purchased this teddy bear at the antique store. I really would like to identify him. What kind of bear, when was he made, etc. The

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Panda Bear

I used to collect pandas when I was young and have recently been clearing them out, I found my bear amongst these, you can tell right away he is older

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1984 Teddy Bear

Hi All My children’s grandmother purchased each of them a teddy bear when they were born. I thought it was the brand, Barney Bear but not sure. They both

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HELP! Can anyone identify this bear?

Hey, Long story short my girlfriend misplaced her bear when she was younger. She went through adoption and this bear was I guess there for her from when

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Big bear lost to house fire

I got this big bear in 2002 from a relative. I got it for Christmas so around December. It was sold in Hungarian stores, not sure which one exactly though.

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ww11 Teddy Bear

I believe this belonged to a US pilot shot down in WWII. It was in his sisters house when we cleaned it out and stored with his service metals. Appears

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My Constant Companion

Ive had this bear since I was a year old. It was a gift from my uncle for my very first Christmas back in 1994.He's a white bear with a black nose, eyes

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