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Golden Bear with Black Skin

Hi, I rescued this little bear from the flea market. He is made of very soft golden mohair. All his joints move including his head. The unusual thing about

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Please Help Me Identify My Childhood Teddy Bear

Please help me identify this bear as i received it as a present for my first Christmas in 2005. Since then this bear has been well loved throughout my

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old pink bear, 1960s-1980s? no label

Hey there! I've had this bear since I was approx. 3 years old and I'm now 19. However, it was my mum's (who is 40) before mine and I think it might have

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Brown Teddy with poseable arms legs and head

I bought this bear at a local thrift store. He has plaid paws and a denim colored outfit. He has poseable arms,legs and head. There is no identifiable

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Hi . I have a teddy I would like find out it’s value Teddy belonged to my late mother in law ,I was always led to believe she had it from a baby in 1925

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Bear With The Acorn Hat

I bought a bag of plush animals at a Goodwill store recently. This bear was among the rest so our history together is short lived. I almost tossed it as

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Vintage German Teddy Bear - what make?

Can anyone identify the make of this German bear? Does it have any monetary value and if I get the pads replaced will that lessen any value? I received

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Barnaby Bear

I have a beautiful mohair growler bear, all joints are moveable, his growler still works when he is tilted. He is in pretty bad shape, very theadbare

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Old yellow bear with overalls

I recently inherited a bear which belonged to my grandmas sister, due to this I don’t have too much to go on for details but what I do know (or believe)

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1986 Margaret Rockenbaugh Teddy bear?

I recently came across a large weighted teddy bear at a garage sale. This bear is about 18 long. This bear weight over 4 lbs and is jointed at the head,

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Hermann Original Jointed Limited Edition Growler Bear

I purchased this bear second hand, and wanted to try and date him. He has his original tags, but no year on any of them. He is about 55cm (about 22”)

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Best Friends childhood teddy

Scruffy is a dog who stands on, two legs and is about 21 years old in this picture. I'd love to be able to, buy her a new version of this to give to her

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Black large bear

I have a black large bear I got him for my 9th birthday in 1970 all I know is that my.next door neighbours boyfriend was German and when they went to Germany

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Can you identify this Teddy please

Hello, I'm trying to find out for some friends of mine what this teddy bear is. It was cherished by the owner, and bought as a present for her in the

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Teddy bear from 2010/2011

Hi there - this teddy bear was bought for my daughter who is autistic in either 2010 or 2011 from a gift shop in Dawlish, England. unfortunately it is

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