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Long legged teddy

He was given to me in 1973 and was second hand when my grandad gave me him from a jumble sale he is tall, has long legs and leather or plastic pads.

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Special Bear

Special Bear today

I'm a 32 year old woman. I've had Special Bear for as long as I can remember. I slept with him when I was little. Any tags were cut off ages ago. He's

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My dear, dear teddy - Who’s the manufacturer?

Hello. I’m from Portugal and my name is Cristina. My skills in english language are far from perfection but I’ll try my best in this text. Since I was

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Help me identify my shelf sitter bear please.

Hi all. This bear belonged to my mom back in the late 70's or very early 80's but when she passed away in 2018 my brother took it and I only have a photo

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My Teddy and Best Friend in the Whole World.

Getting some well deserved rest!

Hello, my name is Morgan and this is my Teddy. He's been with me all 26 years of my life and is very well loved. Though I feel as though I've not looked

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Lost Bear from 2007-2009 era and got it from walmart but is very special**

Hi, This was my younger brothers bear. I got it for him in 2007 and picked it out for him as his one year old gift. (I was 2). He grew up with it but then

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I bought him from Etsy in a poor state. He was grubby, his chipped foam stuffing had perished and as a result 'grit' was dropping out of him, he had seams

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Please help me find my childhood bear!

I got this bear when I was a baby from a teacher at my brothers school. Probably 1996-2000 sometime. I’m pretty sure it had a dark green tag on it that

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Please help me identify this lovely bear!

I’m really hoping someone can help me identify this lovely brown bear. I’m sorry but I just don’t have any information to go on, due to the circumstances

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A Teddy my parents threw away

Hello, sharing a photo of my childhood teddy as I would love to identify and search to replace him. This teddy was my best friend as a child, along with

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Who am I?

Seated bear

I was given this bear in 1986. It was bought in the San Francisco Bay Area. It had a yellow/gold pacifier I’m told. I don’t remember that. He I think is

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Unknown Large Brown bear

Hi, my bear is approximately 18-21 years old plus. Possibly Brought in Britain most likely brought in New Zealand. I love him to pieces and would love

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+20 year old bear, poorly repaired, but well loved

I got this bear from my mom and dad about +20 years ago. I vividly remember that there was another bear that they had that sorta went with it. The dog

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Light brown bear

Front side

The bear is around 9 inches from feet to head. He has a light brown stitched nose and had black eyes with a little brown around the outside of them. He

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Very old and loved panda bear

panda bear toy

This was my godmothers teddy which i inherited. She died of old age 40 years ago. The condition is not great. Fully jointed bear, painted lips, felt palms,

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