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Theodore Edward Beat -Ted E Bear - Tud

I got Tud as a replacement for another black bear I got at Mt. Rushmore that was lost in a house fire. My little brother could not say Ted so he called

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Dark blue and gray bear

Hi my name is Ginger I have a Dark blue and grey teddy bear. The dark blue runs all down his back including behind his ears, both legs and arms also but

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Old and Worn Teddy Bear

This antique bear came with a letter, a grandpa gifting it to a grandkid, saying it was bought in 1933. But the brand wasn't mentioned. The bear is 18

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Need Replacements for Sister's Early 1970s Teddy Bear

Maybe you guys can help me or refer to whoever might. I am seeking an exact duplicate of the brown teddy bear from these photos (I still have the white

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Bonkie Bear from 1965, UK

Bonkie was around for as long as I could remember, and I'm not sure who bought him for me. There are only photos surviving which show him when he was

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First World War Teddy Bear ?

At the end of the second world war 1945 my mothers friends husband bought back a teddy bear from Germany. It must be at least 75 years old if not more.

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How old Is MY teddy Bear?

Hello, My name is Herbert. I am not sure how old I am nor who made me. I dont have a tag showing my creator. My coat appears to be made of brown wool,

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Mr Liverpool My Teddy Bear

I got Mr Liverpool when I was around 11/12 years old for Christmas, roughly 14 years ago. I’ve recently decided I want him valued, I don’t want to sell

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Dark Brown Teddy Bear

I have had this since I was little probably got it when I was a baby not positive all I know is my mom got it for me I think. Im 20 now and Im just wondering

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1950 30 inch articulated golden bear

Hello, I would love some help to identify the maker of my bear. I was given him when I was born in 1951 in Australia. I imagine he could be Australian

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Which company made this 1930s bear?

My father was born in 1935 and has had this bear all his life. It’s unclear if it belonged to one of his much older sisters before him. He thought it was

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Kevin’s Teddy Bear

Hi. I’m wanting to know something about my step son’s teddy bear. I believe he got it as a toddler. He was born in October 1975 but I didn’t meet Kevin

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Brown teddy Bear Help Identifying Please

I recently stumbled upon this amazing old teddy bear at an antique shop in New Hampshire while on a weekend away with my husband. A long time ago, my mother

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Is he the Rare Steiff Cheetah/Leapord Bear

I recently got this bear and I believe it is a Steiff. He is app. 12.5 tall and 4 wide. He has really soft blonde fur with black spots. I am pretty sure

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Steiff bear in african dress

My bear was a gift, so I don't know a lot. She is a dark brown. There is a yellow ear tag that says made in germany by steiff knopf im ohr in red. A number

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