My dear, dear teddy - Who’s the manufacturer?

by Cristina Fonseca


I’m from Portugal and my name is Cristina.
My skills in english language are far from perfection but I’ll try my best in this text.
Since I was 3 years old, my mother gave me a teddy bear by Christmas season, in 1962. According to the information of the lady’s toyshop, he had recently arrived in the portuguese market by then. So, we are companions for 61 years!!
He is about 35 cm tall and I’ve included 4 photos of him hoping that they’ll be sufficiently elucidative. As you can see, during all these years his paws have been subjected to some kind of restoration “surgery”, as well as half part of his mouth. Time is cruel…
My only goal is to find out who his manufacturer was, as well as his year of “birth”. Selling is absolutely out of the question - simply because I can’t imagine my life without his presence, without his smell, without his cute expression.
Congratulations for this marvellous site and thank you for your attention to my dear teddy.

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