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Love handmade teddy bears as much as I do? Want to discover new and established teddy bear artist and makers? Interested in what makes these bear makers tick? Then you have found the right place.  

Welcome To My Interviews with Artist Bear Makers.

To delve right in and learn more about each bear artist and discover their bears, simply click on the thumbnail pictures below.

It's Those Bears Again
by Kate Tilmouth
London based

Flutter By Bears
by Ruth Bowman

Lanes End Bears
by Lindsey Agonstelli

Bears To Cherish
by Elizabeth Chamberlain

Bears by Design
by Maria Adams

Mabledon Road Bears
by Sue Shillingford

Jan's Tiddy Bears

Dari Laut Bears
by Patricia Banks

So what is the difference between a teddy bear artist and a bear maker? Well anyone can go out and purchase a teddy bear kit or pattern and with only a basic knowledge of sewing can make their own bear. In fact a lot of bear artists started that way, finding out if they liked the process and whether or not they wanted to develop their teddy bear making skills.

But a teddy bear artist creates from scratch, starting out with their own unique designs and features for their bears. Coming up with their own individual look for each of their bears, drawing out their own patterns and making their bears in their own personal way. Thus making someing which is completely original every time.

Each bear artist has their own look and style for their bears and soon you begin to recognise the characteristics of each bear. often knowing who made it at first glance. this is why each artist have their own group of collectors who particularly like their work and just can't resist the next new creation.

Artist bears are generally collector's items only and not designed to be played with like the mass produced children's bears. However the occasional hug and squeeze is I'm sure acceptable, well I know I do.

The Interviews here will give you just a little insight into the passion each bear maker has for their own creations and also help you to discover and perhaps start collecting their bears for yourself.

If you know of a teddy bear artist who would like to feature here on this site, please drop me a line and I will do my best to include them.

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