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Everyone has owned a teddy bear at one time or another in their lifetime and many of us continue to have these great soft plush bears in our homes. I am not a bear collector but even so I have at least 10 teddy bears which have all been given to me at important times in my life and so have lots of meaning for me. 

For instance I still have my first teddy bear, a white 1960's bear with a very girly face and large behind (see her here). I also have teddies which have been given to me by boyfriends and so represent love lost and found in my life.

I'm sure many of you are the same and would like to share your own teddy bear pictures and stories with us. It will also be a very interesting to see our library of photos grow and it will in time become a very large online resource for people looking for a particular bears and perhaps to find out more about them. I would love to know who made my first teddy bear, I've never seen another one like her before and I'm sure someone out there knows her origins. 

I hope you will enjoy contributing to this site and becoming a part of something that will not only bring pleasure to people but will also help to keep all our bear stories alive. Thank You.

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My Teddy Bunny 
I received my Bunny bear for my first birthday in 1979. He was purchased from Anderson and Mac Auleys which is a old department store in Belfast, N Ireland. …

Boo Boo Bear 
My bear is 16 inches tall with gray mohair. He has two toned glass eyes with a black sewed on nose. All his limbs and head articulate, i think he is a …

Big Boy 29" Teddy  
I found this beautiful giant golden brown bear in a thrift store. He is a whopping 29 inches tall from ear tips to paws. He is fully jointed and head …

Autistic Boy Loses Best Friend a.k.a. Mr. Teddybones 
Hello, My 13 year old son had a very traumatic experience yesterday. One minute he was singing to VeggieTales in my backseat, bouncing his little …

Grandmas 'Edward' needs your help 
This bar was my grandmas and christened Edward and I remember being told not to play with him when I was a child in 1970s. There are gaps in his profile …

Around 1966 Yellow gold in colour with black are, nose, mouth, and pads Head is hard body soft. 1. No idea of stuffing 2. not mohair 3. pads (no …

Who is Little T 
Little T profile ( all measurements approximate) Bought in Margate (I think) around 1966 Grey in colour 1) Straw Stuffing 2) not mohair 3) think …

My Prince Charming - 30" Antique Bear 
I have always loved antique bears, always have, always will. They have so much character in them. Many years ago, I purchased a 30" antique bear from a …

Can Anyone Help Identifying Our Panda Which Was Stolen 
Can anyone help identify the panda shown in the attached photo. He was about 15 inches tall and was bought by my mother in England, probably either in …

Teddy Bear Found In Flea Market 
I found this teddy bear at the flea market and I can't find another one like it or even similar elsewhere . The bear is real fur I tested it to make sure …

Mary Meyer Souvenir Bears 
The bears in the first picture were all produced by the Mary Meyer company. I'm assuming they were originally sold to tourists as vacation souvenirs by …

Childhood Bear 
This is Teddy, He was given to me in 1967 by my uncle. We had many adventures during my childhood. He was my best and only friend in my early years. …

Brian (my Animal Fair yellow bear) 
As far as I know, my bear Brian is not a rare antique or a valuable collectable. His white fabric tag has become worn and faded over the years, but I can …

Who is this guy? 
Okay we give up. We have looked at many bear faces in books and on line but can’t seem to find this guy. In fact I am beginning to dream about bear faces. …

Brinkworth Bears: Bertie Bear by Nisbet 
HELP! This bear was donated to our charity shop a few months back. We have looked where ever we can for this bear but the only place we can find it is …

Meet Archibald "Buttons" Bearington 
This is Archibald "Buttons" Bearington, who is one of my latest editions to my hug and bless him the old boy is in a quite a state! I'd love to know a …

Mr Green My Bear 
I have many special bears in my collection, so it may seem strange that the most important one, shown here, actually would appear worthless to anyone but …

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