Fluffy white flat faced “bear” with pink feet

by Charlotte Fox
(Norwich, UK)

I got given this bear (new I think) in 1983 - she is called flopsy bear but I don’t know if this is just her name. She has a totally flat face. Felt eyes brown and grey. She has pink “feet” and came with a pink ribbon around her neck. She did look fluffier (she can just be seen in this pic I found from the mid 80’s), but has been well loved by me and both my kids and been through the washing machine etc!! I can’t find anything that looks like her but would love to know a bit more - my daughter wants to see what should would have looked like new too!). Any ideas? Maybe was bought in the Brighton area of UK but it was a gift from someone well travelled.
White fur. Was not baby friendly as she “shed” her fur.
Inside feels quite dense and her head is very floppy hence her name flopsy!

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