Mary Meyer Souvenir Bears

by Theresa
(United States)

Mary Meyer bears

Mary Meyer bears

The bears in the first picture were all produced by the Mary Meyer company. I'm assuming they were originally sold to tourists as vacation souvenirs by various gift shops. I never actually planned on collecting souvenir, beanbag style teddy bears. It just kind of happened.

The first of these bears that I purchased was the Knoebels bear. Knoebels is an old fashioned amusement park located in Pennsylvania. I have some fond memories of trips taken there with my family, so when I came across the Knoebels bear at my local thrift store I had to get him. Later at the same thrift store I found a similar bear from Hershey. The Hershey bear is in a separate picture because he has no tag or label, so I'm unclear if he was also made by the Mary Meyer company. However the style is pretty much identical to my other Mary Meyer bears, which leads me to believe the Hershey bear was most likely a Mary Meyer product. My parents had taken me and my siblings to Hershey, Pennsylvania a few times during the Christmas season to see the live reindeer, and I thought Knoebels Bear could use a friend. So I bought Hershey Bear too.

The third bear in the collection was found at a flea market and originally came from Minnesota. I've never been to Minnesota, but I thought the coloration and embroidery on this bear were absolutely lovely. I found my fourth souvenir bear, Mt. Washington Bear, at yet another thrift store. Earlier that day my father and I had seen a bumper sticker from Mt. Washington on a car parked at the convenience store. We had never heard of Mt. Washington before then, apparently it's in New Hampshire, so when I found a Mt. Washington bear the same day it seemed to me like it was meant to be.

I think I reached a turning point when I bought Mt. Washington Bear. Now I actively hunt for interesting Mary Meyer souvenir bears when I'm at flea markets or thrift stores. But I don't buy every bear I find. I've come across a bear from Florida a couple of times, but in my opinion the bear's bright yellow fur color is just too bright and not very attractive.

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Knoebels Bear
by: Anonymous

My 5y/o son received the blue Knoebels bear as a gift and he named it Peter. It became his lovey. Unfortunately, it got lost during our vacation. We tried contacting the hotel where we stayed, and look at all the possible places, sadly we can’t find him. We called Knoebels to get him a new one, but they said the exact blue one is not available.We also tried asking my son to get a different bear instead, but he would say "It’s different, I want just like Peter". While searching, I saw this. My son loves his Peter so much and I see how he feels sad and miss him. I’m just wondering if you still have a stock of this or still making this.
Thank you very much

Just another thought
by: Walter Meyer

Hi there,
For every stuffed toy there are many who like the design and other who do not.
That's why there are some nay different stuffed animals on the market.
I am fairly old (86) and my tastes are different than my grandchildren- ages 12 to 30.
So let the designer create new toys and there will be plenty of choices for everyone to love.
Stuffed animals are to enjoy, so let's ENJOY THEM.
My Love to all,

An Apology To Mr. Meyer
by: Theresa

Dear Mr. Meyer,
I would like to apologize if the comments I made about the Mary Meyer Florida bear came off as insulting. That was never my intention. I was merely expressing a personal opinion, an opinion that I'm sure not everyone who uses this site shares. I would not want my words to reflect badly on the site or its moderator.
Again, my apologies if you were insulted. I meant no disrespect to you or your family.
Signed, Theresa

I Love Mary Meyer Bears
by: Walter Meyer

Hi Teddy Bear Lovers,

Well, I should love them. My name is Walter Meyer and Mary Meyer was my Mother.
Yes, I am part of the Mary Meyer stuffed Toy company.
I'm pretty much retired now, but I still love the bears.

I disagree with your feeling about the Yellow Florida Bear. Everyone has their favorite colors, embroidery and look. You prefer the dark colored ones. Others prefer the bright colored ones.
They are all nice souvenir bears and make kid happy. They are kid-friendly and I love them all.
Walter Meyer

Reply from Kate Site Owner
Hi Walter
Thank you so much for dropping by and commenting on my site.

Hope you visit again soon.

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