Pink teddy bear 2002 (update)

by Korina Pearce
(United Kingdom )

Him now

Him now

UPDATE: I can’t seem to re-access the original post to post updates pictures so I have copied the original description below. I have recently found a picture of (what I’m 90% sure is) the same teddy bear originally if anyone knows where it is from or has any related pictures? Thank you,

I have had this teddy bear since I was born. He now is looking a bit run down but I was wondering where the original bear came from. He now has one ear and is torn at the seams but he is my comfort bear. I always thought he was a polar bear and I got told he was pink. I have attached an image. I’m assuming he would be from somewhere in the UK as that’s where I live and the person who bought him for me would have got him from. If anyone has any idea where he came from or just any information at all that would be very much appreciated. Thank you :)

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