A very confusing teddy

by Lucy
(Newcastle upon Tyne, England )

semi fluffy brown teddy

semi fluffy brown teddy

Hello, for around 12 years now I've owned a bear given to me by a distant relative when I was 5, that I called teddy. I say given, when the bear was in a black bin bag with a lot if other teddy's being ready to be given to a charity shop. I was allowed to choose one or two to keep, and only remember choosing him, he was a semi fluffy brown teddy with a green, red and yellow checkered tie. I lost the tie somewhere in my house over the years. He looked alot older than all the other teddy's in the bag, which i suppose is why i liked him, he looked loved then, and he looks very much loved now.

His entire body has lost most of his stuffing over the years, especially in his neck which is unusual long, the only main stuffing left is in his head. He is quite grimly, since he came with no labeling we had no idea how to clean him. He has very dark brown glass eyes, and a sewn nose. If anyone owns or has seen this bear before, I would love to know, also, if anyone knows how old he truly is, or who mad him that would be wonderful, as I havent seen a bear like him anywhere.

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