Childhood Bear

by Jeff
(Boise, ID)

Childhood teddy bear yellow and brown

Childhood teddy bear yellow and brown

This is Teddy,
He was given to me in 1967 by my uncle.
We had many adventures during my childhood.
He was my best and only friend in my early years.
He survived many harrowing events, one being a skunk attack that led to the loss of his voice(growler box).
"Ocular" replacement surgeries (buttons).
He is 2' tall with stubby 3" front legs.
Firm stuffing.
Rough wool "fur".
Smooth yellow fabric for front and rear paw pads.
He was retired for many years after I'd grown and lived with my parents.
He came out of hibernation every Christmas to spend time watching family.
I thought he was lost for close to 10 years.
After my parents passing and going through several storage sheds, Teddy was found safe and secure along with my childhood blanket.
I've never seen another bear like him, he was purchase in Eastern Ohio and given to me before we moved to Idaho.
Looking for any information anyone may have.
Thanks in advance.

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