Who is Little T

by Claire Folland

Little T

Little T

Little T profile ( all measurements approximate)

Bought in Margate (I think)
around 1966
Grey in colour

1) Straw Stuffing
2) not mohair
3) think pads were brushed cotton
4) glass eyes (well they look it)
5) no hump
6) short arms and legs
7) jointed
8) Seam appear to be on the side of the torso, between underarm and leg,on both sides.
9) nose is not a cone shape but not totally flat
10. nose and mouth were stitched on
11. No longer able to identify nose stitching pattern
12. Height (to top of ears) 2700mm
13. Head circumference (under ears) 260mm
14. Inside leg 600mm
15. Outside leg (top of joint) 1100mm
16. Outside arm (to t of joint) 90mm

Little T has been with me since 1966 particularly being at my side for numerous hospital stays. As you can see he is well loved with the only bit if fur left being at the joints. I wish to identify him before he erodes completely. I am in two mind whether I should get him restored (I may keep him then) or donate to a museum if they want him.

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by: Claire


I have just acquired a bear from my local church fete (2018) that is remarkably similar, could be made from the same pattern. Alas this has no tag either.

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