My Teddy and Best Friend in the Whole World.

by Morgan

Getting some well deserved rest!

Getting some well deserved rest!

Hello, my name is Morgan and this is my Teddy. He's been with me all 26 years of my life and is very well loved. Though I feel as though I've not looked after him properly, given how worn his poor face is. I am thinking of having him patched, if possible.

I am autistic and have often struggled with bullying and never had many friends as a kid. But my Teddy was always there when I was scared or alone. He means the world to me. I could never replace him. I'd sell everything I own before I even considered selling him.

I believe he was a Chad Valley bear originally, but I honestly don't know. A lot of his identifying marks were lost when my Grandma knitted him a new body when I was a child.

If nothing else, I want to make this page as a tribute, just in case my friend can't be repaired. He will at least always be on here.

He's been with me to Australia, Greece, France, Spain, Belgium and Germany. He's a well traveled bear and I'll always treasure my memories with him.

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