Do you know this Rabbit?

by Samuel Doubleday
(Gillingham, Kent, United Kingdom)

Two years ago, me and my girlfriend passed by this charity shop with a rabbit in the window. We knew we had to buy them when we saw them. Sadly the shop was closed but luckily one member of staff saw us and asked if we were after something and let us in to get (now named) Robert. Unfortunately, the tag has lost all of its ink and we are unable to find any similar rabbits online. We was hoping someone may recognise them so that we can get a look into their life. She loves him so much, she has actually started taking him everywhere... she is 20!

The pink dungarees have a small pocket on the front and the dungarees are stitched on at the shoulders.
The dungarees also have brown circles with pink crosses embroidered instead of buttons on the dungarees.
His arms and legs are long and splayed. Thinner at the joints and wider at the lengths and ends.
He has short white fur over his body with shorter white fur surrounding the mouth area.
His mouth consists of a brown stitch forming a smile of sorts.
The nose appears to be stitched with brown thread but is no longer properly visible.
The eyes appear black, but brown in some lighting, possibly plastic but unsure.
Roberts ears are long, thin but wide with shorter fur on the inside of the ear.
He also has a very firm, round white tail protruding through a hole on the dungarees.
Last thing is that he is the first thing she picks up every morning.

Hopefully someone will know something about this special guy so we can learn more about this teddy that has become such a large part of our lives. Even if he's not that old and not that special, he really is to us.

Thank you!

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