Mr Green My Bear

by Alison
(Leek, England)

Green teddy bear

Green teddy bear

I have many special bears in my collection, so it may seem strange that the most important one, shown here, actually would appear worthless to anyone but myself. He has an exciting story of how he came into my life....

About 12 years ago, I used to accompany my then partner when he sang with a male voice choir. These gigs were often at churches, and there would usually be the mandatory church raffle there, which consisted of a table of prizes, chosen in turn by the person whose ticket was drawn out. I noticed this small ugly green and purple bear standing at the back of the prizes, and watched as all the prizes were won: first the bottle of whiskey, then the wine, the beer, the chocolates etc. Finally there were but two prizes remaining: a small box of turkish delight, and this little bear looking like the kid no one picks for the football team. Bill's number came out, and he went up and chose ... the turkish delight. My heart sank for this poor little bear. Then - they picked another of Bill's tickets out, and he went up and got this bear for me. The last prize to be won.
Mr Green has for the last 12 years been my very best furry friend. It's ironic, that all the other prizes will have been long since gone, but the very least of them still remains. I lost Bill 6 years ago, and Mr Green has as a result become even more important to me as a very special reminder. As you will see, he always goes on holiday with me, and is a very well travelled bear. Never makes any mess, always well behaved at customs.


What a lovely story. It's funny how sometimes the little things in our lives mean the most, for me it's a key ring my mother gave me a few months before she died.

I must admit a green is a rather unusual colour for a teddy bear but I wouldn't call him ugly, perhaps special would be a better description .

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Mr Green 3 years on
by: Alison

He's still going strong and has visited many places since; loves his holidays but in this bad weather he spends his time tucked under the quilt in hibernation with his furry friends.
Sounds like a good idea to me.

What a lovely bear.
by: Jess and Adrian bear

What a lovely story. Made me cry. I hope you and Mr Green have many more years of adventure left together. Tell Mr Green, I'd have picked him first off that table. Xxx

The Green things that matter.
by: Reswob

That is a really wonderful story connected to that bear. What a true stroke of fate that you ended up with him! It really goes to show that one of the reasons why we keep our teddy bears is because they are one of the things that tend to last and encapsulate so many memories.

My special bear
by: Alison

Yes, I would never call him ugly, that's what Bill called him... He has always ever been only special to me. My very best friend.

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