Do you know this plushes name or have one similar?

by Kristina
(Australia )



I have been on the search for years now to find out where my dog plush is from. When I was only a few months old my Nan randomly brought me a plush dog and little did she know it would be the most important plush in my life. This dog has been with me everywhere and is a huge symbol of my childhood, I have been hunting for years and just now been able to work out the brand and I came across Russ Luv, this is the brand. My Nan also said she remembers the brand and is positive it's the one. My plush has no tags but I did research and worked out my plush never came with a tag attached to its body it came with a tag attached to the ear that you cut off which explains why I could not work it out for years. My plush is almost 17 years old and still doing well, it is yellow with brown spots on the tail, around one eye, and on one of the ears, his eyes are two round black buttons and his mouth and nose are both stitched into the fabric. If anyone has an idea about the style name or has a bear similar I would love to hear. :)

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