by Claire

yellow gold teddy bear

yellow gold teddy bear

Around 1966

Yellow gold in colour with black are, nose, mouth, and pads
Head is hard body soft.

1. No idea of stuffing
2. not mohair
3. pads (no claws)
4. Eyes plastic on wire
5. No hump
6. Not jointed
7. seams would appear to be on sides of body
8. Seam between ears and vertically through centre of face
9. protruding snout
10. Nose and mouth stitched black
11. Nose stitching appears to be horizontal (my grandma repaired I think)
12. Height to top of head (end of foot , no claw ) 320mm (13")
13. Ear height - 2.5mm (1")
14. Head circumference - 310mm (12")
15. Leg - 165mm (6.5") taken down outside seam from underarm to foot
16. Arm - 120mm (4.5") taken along arm seam

Big T has also been with me since 1966. He was also well loves, both my teddys getting played with a lot as I didn't like dolls. He has lost an eye which I have somewhere. As a claim to fame an identical bear appeared in the BBC sitcom SORRY but I can't identify him, can you.

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What I know
by: Claire

I has his bear in my birth year 1966; I played with him a lot as I was not keen on dolls, hence he is very threadbare and floppy now. He is nearly 60.

Similar teddy
by: Anonymous

How old is your bear? Any idea where he came from?

I have a Bear just like it
by: Shiva

My teddy bear named smokey is crazy simmilar to this one he is different colors and Markings but hey the same size and shape from the picture

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