Who is this guy?

by Jude O'Connor
(Tualatin, Oregon)

teddy bear with long snout

teddy bear with long snout

Okay we give up. We have looked at many bear faces in books and on line but can’t seem to find this guy. In fact I am beginning to dream about bear faces. Our great uncle passed away leaving us with the mystery and we would love to know who made this boy and when. I say boy because he has a distinctive male look and is kind of smug as well. We call him sir. Not that he is not a perfect gentleman, mind you,but you kind of get the feeling he finds everything very amusing. He may have had clothes at one time but now only has a leather collar. We think maybe Stieff or Bing but he just does not look like any we have seen. He feels old if that is scientific and spells old too. A good smell.

He has shoe button eyes and his coat is curly mohair. He has a long nose and neck. There is a fine stitched nose and mouth and a burlap surround. His head turns and if you lift one arm the other follows. Legs move separately and he has felt feet and paws with no nails. There is a hump. There are seams from ears to gusset.

Someone wrote on his feet. “To Robbie. Best thing since pockets and teddy bears”. Our great uncle was Robert making this an endearing sentiment for sure.

We don't want to hurt Sir Bear by checking the stuffing but he is not plush. He does not look like the cuddling type.

We have no other bears and really just want to understand where he came from. Uncle Robert was a collector of many different things but this was his only bear. It must have meant a lot to him and we intend to give this one a good home. That is if he would just stop smirking at us.

Hopefully someone out there recognizes this unusually handsome
Face and can lead us in the right direction. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Nice bear!
by: Anonymous

I agree with the previous comment that this is an artist, one of a kind bear. The shading sort of pushes it in that direction as few manufactured bears add that process. He is LOVELY! Cherish him.

Artist Bear
by: Reswob

Hi there Jude,

Your bear looks like an artist's bear to me. I believe that it was likely that someone made him with their own two hands and gave it to your Great Uncle as a present. This is suggested to me by the dedication written on his foot.

People started to make replica mohair bears of antiques Steiff bears because they were starting to climb up in price and it became cheaper to make your own and also sell them on. I think this started in the 1980's? I'm not sure, as it is before my time.

Judging by the looks of his head, I think that he is an original design and not some antique replica. It is a possibility that he is a "one of a kind" bear and is quite unique. Enjoy your bear. He is lovely.

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