Missing tag bear

by Katt
(Pennsylvania )

My bear Mr.Bear (I know I was soooo creative). My father gave him to me in either 1995 or 1996. I was born in 1994. The story I’ve been told is when my dad abandoned us he left Mr Bear in my crib. Who knows how real all of that is. Which is why I have the date as bought in either 95 or 96. He very well could have been a cheap bear from somewhere. He doesn’t really look like a gund to me but hey who knows! He’s always had this ribbon on his neck tho it is no longer sown on. His eyes are brown with a black center. Unfortunately his tag is missing due to me being a weirdo toddler that chewed tags LOL! I kinda screwed myself there. Anyway! In no way looking to sell him so I’m not worried about his worth! Just always been curious of what he is. My husband seems to think he may be a gund but based on my father track record I could very well see this being a cheap gas station bear that was bought as a last minute thought.
Also 26 year old here still sleeping with my bear! Not ashamed at all. My husband has his childhood gund karitas tender teddy (a rare blue one) next to the bed on the nightstand! Two big ole weirdos!
Thanks in advance for any help! You guys are awesome

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