Grandmas 'Edward' needs your help

by Claire

Edward  Bear

Edward Bear

This bar was my grandmas and christened Edward and I remember being told not to play with him when I was a child in 1970s. There are gaps in his profile as I don't know much about him. It feels like there is something in his chest, it may of been a growl but I don't remember. Also I am not sure whether you would say he had a hump, but the area at the back of his neck is also hard. His head swivels and it feels like there aware 2 disks to allow this onein the base of the head and one in the neck joint of the body.

1970s or earlier
Light gold
Head swivels

1. No idea of stuffing
2. not mohair
3. Beigh pads (no claws)
4. Eyes small Amber and black
5. Not sure of hump may be a small one
6. Jointed
7. Seams would appear to be on sides
8. Protruding snout
9. Nose and mouth stitched black (vertical)
10. Height to top of head (end of foot , no claw ) 320 (14")
11. Ear height - 2.5mm (1")
12. Head circumference - 310mm (10")
13. Leg - 150mm ( 5.5") taken down outside seam
14. Arm - 150mm (6") taken along arm seam
15. Space from underarm to leg joint 50mm (2.5")

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