Can Anyone Help Identifying Our Panda Which Was Stolen

by Jon Blair
(London, England)

Panda bear toy

Panda bear toy

Can anyone help identify the panda shown in the attached photo. He was about 15 inches tall and was bought by my mother in England, probably either in London or Brighton, some time round about the mid 1990's. Earlier this year he was stolen from our car and has left my son devastated. We are trying to find an exact replacement but have so far come up with nothing even remotely similar. Someone has suggested it is a Chad Valley bear bought from Woolworths who have of course gone out of business but that seems to be a dead end.

Any suggestions would be hugely appreciated and of course if anyone has an identical bear they would like to sell to make one young man massively happy, that is beyond my expectation.

Many thanks in advance. I can be reached by googling my name which is Jon Blair and I am a film director so that should lead you to my company web site

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by: JON

Hi Gwynn,

Thank you for this and indeed someone else made the same observation. However, sadly we had previously seen this bear on ebay and elsewhere and very careful observation shows that there are significant differences. The Nat Geo bear is much tubbier and not nearly as lanky in the leg as our bear, and also if you look carefully at the nose detail, that is very diffreent. Finally they do have very different fur. Thank you anyway for your posting and best wishes


Possible Doppelganger
by: Gwyn

I have found this one on ebay which looks identical (of course his/her fur is not matted) and is the same size.

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