Teddy Bear Costume
and Clothes Ideas

Why a teddy bear costume? Well there can be various reasons that you would want to dress your bear. Perhaps its simply for the enjoyment of dressing up your bear or maybe you want to make your teddies stand out from the crowd. 

There are many different styles of costumes you can choose for your bear. From the traditional look, perhaps for a older bear.  

To perhaps something very modern and fun , like an astronaut for instance.

To give you some ideas as to the sort of teddy bear costume you might like to dress your bear in, I have chosen few of my favourites here.


Of course if you have a girl teddy bear you may want to dress her in a classic bride outfit. This one comes complete with a pretty hat and veil to match the dress.

Bride Outfit Teddy Bear Clothes Fit 14" - 18" Bear
Bride teddy bear clothes


What about a doctor bear? A rather unusual and different choice but one that will certainly make your bear stand out from the crowd. This costume even has its own green surgical mask and hat.

Doctor Outfit Teddy Bear Clothes Fit 14" - 18" Bear
Doctor teddy bear clothes

Business Woman

For the bear about town who knows where they are going and what they want, a ladies business suit, complete with matching handbag.

Ladies Business Suit Outfit Fits Most 14" - 18" Bears
Business Suit teddy Bear Clothes

Formal Dress

Now this has to be one of the smartest outfits i have seen.  You boy bear will certainly feel smart in this and could be paired with the bride outfit above for a wedding scene.

Tuxedo Outfit Teddy Bear Clothes Fit 14" - 18" Bear
Tuxedo Teddy Bears Clothes


Now there are PJ's and then there are PJ's. This is certainly rather special and would site both a male or female bear I think. I love the sweet little slipper too.

Oriental Robe Pajamas Outfit Teddy Bear Clothes
Oriental Teddy Bear Clothes

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