17" high quality vintage bear in very good condition

by Emily
(Dale, NY, USA)


17" vintage bear

teddy bear face
teddy bear paws
Fur detail

Hello! My bear is 17" with articulated arms, legs and head. His eyes are glass, and his ose is rubber and stitched on in four places. His pads are a fairly heavy felted fabric with stitched toes. Fur is definitely not synthetic. Cut mohair, maybe? His snout is about 2" in depth with a smooth top and center seam beneath the stitched mouth. Chest seam extends just short of halfway down the tummy. Torso I has side seams. Legs have a center seam in the front. Arms have a seam down the back. The head has two partial seams up the sides, two down the back side and two extending from tops of eyes to upper edge of ears. He is hard stuffed with wood wool. Thank you for any help you can offer!

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