Antique Golden Bear

by Kim
(Carrboro, NC)

full view of y antique teddy bear

full view of y antique teddy bear

full view of y antique teddy bear
head nose of my bear
bear claws
back of head stitching

Does anyone know what kind of teddy bear this is. I would like to know who made him and perhaps how old he is. Any details would be most appreciated, thank you.

Bear Details

I have had the bear for a few weeks. I purchased him at an auction for $30

I'd say he has a long muzzle.

The nose of the teddy bear looks like it is stitched on.

The eyes are made from glass.

The bear is hard and stuffed with wood wool.

The bear is 14 inches Tall

These are the distinguishing features of my bear. He has a pointed nose, little ears, stitched down front, five working joints feel like wood disc. No tags or buttons. No hump. Stitch on the back of the head that goes from the ear all the way down the head to the neck.

Unfortunately I do not know any history for this bear as I have only recently purchased him.

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