Old Teddy Desperately Seeking An Identity

by Beth Anne
(California )

big feet teddy bear

big feet teddy bear

big feet teddy bear
open mouthed teddy bear
side view of large toy bear

Hello! I recently rescued this fun loving guy from a thrift store and would love to know more about him! I cannot tell you his story or history and I don't know anything about teddy bears, but here is what I can tell you. It is quite large at 30". The arms and legs are not jointed (if by jointed, you mean moveable) and the head does not move. He has a plastic collar, unknown if original. His nose is plastic with an open mouth. It appears to be mostly stuffed with cotton/fabic shreds, but also has straw or something similar (feels crunchy)in some places. I think it is mohair, but not 100% sure... The eyes are buttons with an orange plastic covering and black "googly eyes". He may have had a repair at some point as there is hidden white stitching up his back that does not seem consistant with the rest of the stitching, but I'm not familiar with teddy bear construction. Any info is appreciated! Thanks for your time.

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Mar 24, 2017

by: Kate

Hi well I've checked my books and not seen anything similar.

We do know that because of how he is made etc that he is later than the 1950's. unfortunately around this time a lot of small companies popped up to make toys and soon disappeared so many bears will be unidentifiable. But hey someone may have a similar bear and be able to tell you more.

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