10" tall teddy bear

by Deborah Griffin


10" tall teddy bear

I have had my teddy bear for at least 66 years.I have found 2 photographs with me holding him.

He is about 10 inches tall,orange/blond in colour with very few bald patches.
His eyes appear to be glass and quite close together.
His head swivels and his limbs are jointed,I can feel metal discs in the joints.
I can feel a growler at the front but that no longer works.
His arms aren't particularly long.
His nose and mouth are stitched with black thread and there is also stitching on his feet but not his hands.
I am not sure what he is filled with,his head is solid but his torso not so much and that does crackle when pressed.
All of the stitching is intact so there are no holes for the filling to come out.
His back is straight there are no humps or bumps,and is the shape of a small rugby ball.
The pads on his arms and feet feel like a leather like material and are completely intact.
There are no identifying labels or tags.
His ears stick up and are completely intact with no holes in the stitching.
There is one black stitch that has come adrift on his right foot.
The photos I have with me holding my teddy bear must have been taken when I was two or three years old,that was about the time I was a bridesmaid for my aunt's wedding,but unfortunately she is unable to remember exactly when I was given the bear,so my cousin is now on a mission to see if she can find more photos of me with the teddy.
Considering how long I have had the teddy bear he is in good condition,so I hope you will be successful in identifying him.

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