12.5" Mohair Posable Teddy Bear

by Gwyn Wilson
(England )

posable teddy bear

posable teddy bear

My bear is 12.5" long and is posable and made from a lovely golden mohair. He has glass eyes and is filled with straw. Unfortunately some of his stitching has come undone at the back of his neck. He has a label at the base of his neck too which is white with red stitching which reads Made in England. Any help identifying him would be much appreciated. His mohair is a lovely brighter golden colour in the joint area which has much less wear. His tummy feels like it may have originally had a growler, but of course I cannot confirm this He has a strange indentation on the back of his head which looks like it is caused by the stitching. All of his joints move well, but he has obviously been very well loved over his many years. I have tried looking at other bears to see if I can identify him but to be honest I have no idea. Could be Chad Valley, but will leave it to the experts who may be able to tell me more about this sorry Ted. Would appreciated any advice and guidance. Thank you.

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