16" Brown Teddy Bear with label Julie Reinbold

by Michael Gorski
(Germantown, TN)



This bear was received as a gift in 1987. It 16 inches long with lighter brown fur. The paw pads are a smooth fabric. The bear has brown glass like eyes and a black stitched nose and mouth. He sports a blue orange checked scarf this is 1" Wide and extends from his neck to his feet. The limbs articulate but the head does not. In the middle of his back the only identifier I could find was a label with the name Julie Reinbold on it. The label is brown to match the bears fur and the name is in dark brown.

I'm not very familiar with the bears so I can't be super descriptive on the materials. His stuffing is firm to the touch and you can easily push in on it. He seems to have a slight bump on the top of his back.

The limbs articulate 360 degrees. His head is turned slightly towards his left side.

Any help identifying this bear would be appreciated.

Michael Gorski

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