17" mohair growler teddy bear

by Danette
(Hermiston, Oregon, USA)


17" mohair growler teddy bear

I have a Vintage 17" cream in color possibly originally white mohair growler teddy bear. With black button eyes, roundish ears, appears to have floss nose and mouth the color is black. Wearing a red and gold wire ribbon tied in a bow around his neck. He has a large lump on his upper back. His head, arms and legs are all moveable. The front paws are curved up. On the pads of he front paws there is a felt like material in the same color as his mohair. This material is also on the pads of his back feet. His entire body and extremities are hard to the touch as if filled with strong. When he is moved he has something build inside that makes a growling sound. His stomach could be described as pot belly. There are no visible tags . Approximate dimension 18" tall arm length from shoulder to top end of curved arm 9". Underneath of armpit to paw 5 1/2" the paw pad itself it 3 1/4". Legs are 9" in length. Ears 2 1/4" long 1 1/4" wide. Head is 6" wide. His lower belly at the biggest are us 17" around. Chest us 16" around. Bottom of foot length is 5 1/4".

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