1909 steiff teddy bear

by Lindsey Patterson
(Redondo Beach,California, USA)

Picture of bear

Picture of bear

I believe I have a 1909 steiff teddy bear. I took it to an appraiser years ago and that is what he told me. He also believed that my bear was signed on the foot by steiff Jr. This bear does have some holes on the paw and foot. There is also a button in the ear. I found this bear in hermosa beach on the curb. I was driving and noticed a large amount of vintage stuff being thrown out and this bear is one of the items I found in the trash. I don't know where to go from here or how to get it authenticated and if the signature is real. I'd like to sell it but Im also not sure how or where I can sell it if it is real. I'd also like to know the value of it.

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