1950 30 inch articulated golden bear

by Sharon

30 inch golden bear 1950

30 inch golden bear 1950

Hello, I would love some help to identify the maker of my bear. I was given him when I was born in 1951 in Australia. I imagine he could be Australian made, or imported from the UK? Unfortunately I can find no sign of where a label would have been attached.

He is 30 inches high, his head turns and his and limbs are all articulated and he has a growler (no longer working). Because he was so much bigger than me he did not get played with much so is in quite reasonable condition with a few scruffy bits around the hands and one ear where he has been handled. His golden ‘fur’ is starting to fade in places – is quite a strong colour in the joins.

I would also love to know what he is made of. Where the fur is thinning you can see a woven material – seems to be the same material his pads are made of. Mohair or synthetic? Also, the stitching of his nose and paws are brown, not black if this helps with identification.

I would also love any tips in keeping him in good condition. Keep him out on display, or pack him away? We have just moved from a very dry location to a humid one, and I would hate for him to get moist and deteriorate at this late stage of his life.

Many thanks in advance for any advice you can provide.

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