1950s 9 inch Golden Mohair Teddy Bear with Amber Eyes ? Steiff

by Vardon
(Toronto, ON)

1950s 9 inch Golden Mohair Teddy Bear

1950s 9 inch Golden Mohair Teddy Bear

Possible mid 1950s (could be later) golden mohair bear with amber glass eyes, 4 stitched claw. Snout stitching appears almost square. On front and the back, the teddy bear is a centre stitched. The bear is 9 inches in length. The pads are light beige. The snout does not appear to be very pointy. There are no tags or markings on the bear. The eyes are original and one is loose and has a small circular wire with golden thread attaching it to the inside of the head. This bear and the Punkinhead bear its sitting beside wet in my family since the 1950s as one family member was born in 1951 and I believe Punkinhead belonged to him. I am not as definitive about the possible 9 inch Steiff bear as to what exact date he came to our home. The bear could even be from the early 1960s so hoping it will be identifiable here. Thank you.

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