1950's Teddy Bear

by Myrna Bryant
(Chula Vista Ca. USA)

1950's Teddy Bear

1950's Teddy Bear

I got this bear in the 1950's from an Aunt in Germany. When squeezed in the stomach area it would make a noise but not anymore.

It is about 12.5 inches tall when standing. The eyes are brown with a black center and hard plastic I believe. Both the arms and legs move as well as the head rotates. There is a seam on the back of the body. I am not sure of the material but a put a tiny piece on a very hot pan and did not melt like synthetic materials would.
The paws from arms and legs have the black yarn type material delineating the claws or fingers.
The nose is made embroidered with a type of yarn as well as the outline of the mouth.
The bottom part of feet and hands have a smooth beige material similar to felt.

It is in very good condition still and would like to know the brand.

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