1960s Teddy Bear

1960s Teddy Bear

1960s Teddy Bear

This bear has been in our family for three generations, it came from Austria, my mother's homeland. She brought it to the UK with her when she migrated in the early 70s.

The bear stands approximately 40cm in height and is approximately 25cm across the shoulders.

The mouth is ajar and it possesses a red felt tongue. The eyes seem to by glass and the mouth contour looks 'lined in'.

The arms and legs rotate and it has a working growler in it which operates when you move out from a reclined position to upright.

On the left ear there is the remnant of a tag which has the remaining letters 'ster' and 'ohair' (which was likely mohair). My mother believed it to be a Steiff because most of the other soft toys that she was given by her parents were Steiff, she now cannot recall what the label once said.

I hope this helps. I can be contacted on 07783 776000 or at peregrine.investigate@gmail.com if you need more information.

Many thanks for your assistance.

Kind regards
Steve Grant

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