1975 Teddy Bear Help Identify Me

1975 teddy bear

1975 teddy bear

Hello, I was told I received this bear in 1975 at birth by my grandmother. I am trying to identify the bear and possibly find him again. I have found the skin of this bear in some old stuff of mine but it just looks like a wash cloth as I destroyed it when little.

This bear is possibly around a foot long. The colors are as follows:

The main color of his body was either tan to ultra light pink.

His chest is a light blue
His muzzle is a light blue
His inner ear is a light blue
The bottoms of his feet are light blue
The eyes were red in color with a dark pupil. I am going to assume the eyes were hard plastic.
His skin was probably plush. It was like a nice bumpy wash cloth, the ones with texture.
The stitching on the remaining skin seemed nice.

Knowing the way my grandparents were, I would not doubt this bear was an upper-mid to upper end brand. I could be wrong.

This bear had a wind up music box. I talked with my mom and dad about this and they do not remember the song.

I am seeking to find out who manufactured this bear and possibly the name of the bear.
Thank you to everyone for trying to figure this out. I would love to find this thing whole and in living shape again once I find out more.

Thank You

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