1989 White soft teddy purchased from Boots Pharmacy in Wokingham, England

(Reading, England UK)

1989 White soft teddy bear

1989 White soft teddy bear

This is my childhood teddy bear, purchased from a Boots Pharmacy in England by my parents in 1989. There's no evidence of any tag that I can find on him. He is about 6 inches from head to foot, is fully soft, and has a white silky bow tie under his chin. He has blue (or grey?) and white striped hand and foot "pads", a hard black button nose, hard black and brown button eyes (black in the center with dark brown rings around the outside), and plain white everywhere else.

I have recently had my own baby and would love to buy him a new version of this teddy if I can find one anywhere! Thanks in advance!

I have searched on ebay and Google for "1989 boots pharmacy teddy bear", "1989 white teddy bear england", and other variations. On ebay I'm only finding Christmas themed teddies that come close, but are not a match. On this website a few similar bears have been suggested as possible Pedigree Bears or Wendy Boston Bears and some of those look similar but I haven't found a match by looking at Google image results for those two designers.

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