1990 Gund - HELP

by chris
(boston, MA USA)

1990 Gund teddy bear ?

1990 Gund teddy bear ?

Hi everyone. I've been trying to identify this bear for months. The label points to Gund 1990, and I am thinking it is a Candibear 2276, however the color is quite different with this one. I can't tell if it is strictly from wear, or if Gund had other bears similar to the 2276 in 1990 that were a grey color as apposed to the Candibear pink hue. I have picked up a couple 1990 Candibear 2276s in NEW condition and they are quite a bit fluffier and don't seem to be the same fur. The size is the same, however the one I have is more of a shag as opposed to the straight fur. But again, it could be the wear on this particular bear. Does anyone have their hands on a 1990 Gund bear catalog so that I can verify if there were any bears released within that year with the felt brown nose, but not the Candibear? The tag states that the bear was assembled in Korea. It also shows PA3 and references that the bear can be washed in the washing machine, unlike other bears that specifically state surface wash only.

History: This bear was given to me when I was a child back in 1990. I have had it, and slept with it ever since. I call him Teddy, and have never done any research on him, until now. I've searched Google, Ebay, Pintrest, and a ton of other websites. Been through thousands of photos and can only find the 2275, 2276, and 2277 Candibears in 1990 that have the brown felt nose. The mid size 2276 appears to match the one I have from a size perspective. But, as noted above, the color and fabric is different. Could wear and tear make this much of a difference??

I've included photos of my Teddy on his own, as well as next to a 1990 2276 Candibear in "new" condition for comparison. Any help that can be given in this search would be extremely helpful. I am trying to make this bear a gift for my child, but I'd like to learn its history first. I wish there was a way I could have the bear DNA tested, lol, but I am sure all of the submitters and readers on this site feel the same.

Thank you so much for any info that you may be able to help with.

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Jul 12, 2019
by: Anonymous

I’m in the same boat but for a white dog. If you find any info please let me know

Jan 05, 2019
1990 Gund Bear
by: Parris

I have this exact same bear, color and all. It was also my childhood bear, but is in much worse condition at this point. I unfortunately don’t have any information on the bear, as I just decided to look it up today.

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