1992/1993 Dakin like bear with red/white strip hat

by Jodie

1992/1993 Dakin like bear

1992/1993 Dakin like bear

I’ve been desperately trying to find my bear type for a few years now on and off. Been told to look at various makes such as Dakin, Dandee or Kmart but still no luck. He looks very much like a Dakin but he has full black distinctive plastic nose that match his eyes. No labels - not sure if there ever was, he is rarer worn nowadays. He has a red and white stripe nightcap. My mum thinks he was a gift with a catalogue in 1992/1993 when she bought dolls, maybe grey universal studios, Freemans, Marshall ward or Littlewoods. Other than that no one can remember as I guess they didn’t expect me to get so attached to a bear that was a free gift! I have this huge desire to have another one or two for my children & would generally just love to know where he came from! I would be so grateful for your help. I’ve included pictures now and from my childhood. Thank you, Jodie

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