1998 Bruno Bear, dark brown, tail & long arms,

by Ian Alter
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

We live in Toronto, Canada. This much loved bear, that we named Winston, was a gift to our son born in 1997, on his first birthday. He is now in University.

Winston, was manufactured in 1998 manufactured by Bruno. His tag has also has the year on it. He has dark brown, poodle-like fur. He has unusually long arms, with a slight bend at the elbow. The eyes a brown with black pupils. He also has a stubby tail.
Winston was given to him by his late, Great Aunt (the sister of his Great Grandfather’s, that he never met) and Uncle, Winston still has great sentimental value to him. We have been looking for a replacement for years.

The design of this bear is unusual, because of his long arms with soft elbows. When the owner hugs the bear- it actually hugs back!

If we can find another one, we would like to give it to him as a graduation present, when he receives his Masters Degree

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