20 Year old bear and counting

by Elizabeth
(United Kingdom)

It is a mainly white bear on the body, with the paws and face being brown. The feet however are also white. It has a blue gingham collar and pocket and the feet also have this same material on them. It originally also had a soft hat over the right ear which covered that ear. That had hat a blue gingham bobble on the end and the same light blue gingham as a way to connect the hat to the head. This same material is also around On the pocket the name Hamleys is embroidered in red and the pocket is on the middle of the bear’s stomach. The red tag on the back also says Hamlets in white lettering. The bears face is brown with grey stitching, but the snout is white with grey stitching of a smile. The bear also has bows on its feet made of the prior mentioned light blue material. I think it was purchased in about 2001/2002 as a limited edition bear from Hamleys, but am unsure exactly. I have had him since i was born :’)

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