20 year old teddy

by Emilee McConnell
(Columbus, Ohio, USA)

my theodore bear

my theodore bear

My Theodore Bear is a white cotton teddy bear with red heart that covers the majority of his abdomen, right in the middle of his stomach. Red and black shiny plastic eyes; big black center with red outer rims. Made with a red felt nose and a red stitched-on smile. His ears are red too, but not completely, just the insides. He used to have a red ribbon around his neck, but I remember my mom taking it off of him when I was in preschool because the teachers were worried it was a choking/strangulation hazard. I’ve had him for over twenty years; my mother got him for me on my first birthday and made to return him, but I refused to let go so she decided to let me keep him. He has been my only comfort throughout a childhood of having a broken family and estranged siblings, not to mention the bullying I went through all throughout my time in public school. Unfortunately, now he is in the beginning stages of falling apart and I can’t bear to lose him. He is also about a foot long in length and very lightweight—but that might also be because he’s old and flimsy now. If anyone can help me identify him so I can either get another one or know the specs so I can get him fixed, it would be greatly appreciated. The thought of losing him feels indescribable, almost like thinking about losing a family member. He’s helped me through so much and is a huge part of who I am today. And if anyone knows of a professional restorer who I can trust, I will be more than happy to send him in to get fixed so I can have him for years to come. Also, apologies for the lack of two eyes in the photo. My service dog chewed the other one out while he was still a puppy in training. Thank you all so much!!!!

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