2000s bear

So I got this bear when I was born. It has 2000 imprinted on the foot and it’s a representation of being born into a new decade. It’s coat is quite rough and scraggy, eyes are black and barely visible and has a wrap around it with 2000 on it also. Very limp and floppy and limbs are very strangely attached. I’m just curious to learn more as no one can really tell me where it comes from or if anyone has any like it. The label at the back has rubbed off and become a teabag colour so I have no information from that side of things. No info at all apart from it’s from 2000 and the pictures.

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Apr 28, 2021
Promotional bear?
by: KT

It looks like one of the mini promotional bears that build a bear does (or did that is. I had one that looks very very similar from them that was sold as a single premade doll. I had him before '06) I would suggest looking into that!

Sep 06, 2020

by: Kate (site owner)

Hi, modern bears are made in thier thousands and often by companies that come and go. Also sometimes they are made for general toy companies. So it can be almost impossible to say where bears of this age comes from without a label.

Hopefully someone else will recognise this bear and still has the label and can comment here for you.

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