24 year old bear looking for info!

by Ceara
(Pennsylvania, USA)

I’ve had this bear my entire life, he was put in my little crib in the hospital by my dad when I was born. I grew up & used to hold one of his legs while I sucked my thumb (hence one leg having less stuffing than the other lol. He’s been with me through everything & I will always adore him. I’m really curious to find out where he came from, obviously I won’t be selling him as he’s far from good condition (had many “surgeries” by my loving mother haha) & he’s of great sentimental value to me.

He’s a light green color on his body with light brown colored head & hands. His head lays sideways & he has a pouch on his belly that was made to hold a sound machine for heartbeats. On his back is a little flap with a hole going to the pouch in his belly, tbh I am unsure of what that was for. He has not had the sound machine in for at least 20 years. He was purchased some time in 1996 & I was born in ‘97. My parents don’t remember where they got him, but they did buy a second one about a year or two later because he was already pretty raggedy. They tried swapping him out while he was taking a “bath” in the wash one day but I was not having it & have carried a grudge to this day for the new one lol. The new one was made without plastic eyes like mine has, my parents told me it was due to the eyes being a choking hazard. My originally bear has the eyes though.
I am desperately looking for some information on him! He has no tags, neither on the new one. I’d love to know where he came from, a brand, literally anything if anyone knows. I love him so much & think it would be neat to know some more about him. Thanks in advance!
(I’m including a photo of the newer version of the bear to give a better idea of what he originally looked like! Obviously he’s been well loved!)

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