30+ old bear with blue gingham details

by Antonio Tang
(Janesville, Wisconsin, USA)

30+ old bear

30+ old bear

My wife received this bear as a gift in 1987. (If it helps, she was born in Lafayette, Indiana.) It was put in her crib as a gift, and she had grown up with it since. The bear has a reddish-brown nose and a blue plaid/gingham pattern on the ears and feet. It measures about 12 inches in height and 7 inches in width. My partner says that the bear used to be plumper, but I suppose the elongation is a natural product of time and pressure. No tag remains on the bear, but I suppose it did have something on it at one point.

I'm not sure how else to fill this space -- I do know that the prompt asked for 400 words. I don't know much about the bear other than what I've mentioned, and I'm not about to ask my wife as I'm hoping to track down another bear that's like this one for a kid on the way. (Yay!) It will be a surprise and delight for her and the family if I can produce something identical or at least from the same line. eBay, maybe? I do know that the bear had been left behind in a hotel once when my wife was a kid; the hotel was kind enough to send the bear back through courier. I don't think she traveled much with it since then. Over the years, stuffing has leaked out of the bear, and my wife's mother has had to sewn the bear back together a few times. I also found it strange that my partner never gave the bear a name -- it's a "he," for sure, but he's just "teddy bear" to her.

Anyway, thank you for any help you can provide!

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