35+Years Old Teddy Bear - Originally With White Troll Hair

by Jenna

Teddy approx. 2 feet high

Teddy approx. 2 feet high

I got this teddy bear, that I named "Bear Bear" when I was around 3 or 4 years old, and that was 30+ years ago. He was in good condition when I got him used from a secondhand store, but I don't know when he was made. If he had tags I cut them off many years ago. My bear originally had white 'troll-like' hair on top of his head and I didn't like it so I had my mother cut it off. I've done a reverse image search on google and I cannot find another photo of a teddy bear like the one I have (because I still have him, of course). I am wondering if anyone out there has one of them as well, or at least know where he came from.

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